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Its Rickmama Innovations that owns and publishes Rickmama Newsletter and rickmama.com obligated to serve as your professional Digital Marketing Agency and an Information Hub for your discoveries.

Being Your Digital Marketing agency

Rickmama will pattern with you to reflect your business to millions of people from all corners of East africa, Africa and the entire world to make sure that it stands out of all other businesses. Remember a bussiness that is not online has never made sales more than the one which is online. In our content, we also share relevant professional ideas that can really enhance your establishment. In some cases we may earn commissions on any sales made using links located in our content.

Switch on lights for your business to stand shinning by just telling us its details to witness the next move after a while and you will be reached by the neighbour seeking out your business secretes and don’t mind telling them about us so that they can also get the same our previllages.

Being your information hub.

Rickmama owns, edits and publishes the website rickmama.com to also assist our esteemed readers explore more of their interests in fields of Health, Culture, Technology, Lifestyle, Politics, Travel, Education, Business, and Cryptostories to and from every where around the world.

Rickmama does its editorial and publishing work accurately and independently employing professional bloggers, authors and freelancers in their respective fields. This is to assure that the content delivered to our readers is what they expected or related to during their searches or when notified by our e-mails.

We do as needfull to reach our readers with a first class content in various topics as mentioned above however each reader is encouraged to take his/her own actions or seek from the immediate trusted expert regarding to the information read from our site as rickmama may not be a substitute for any profession advice


Rickmama Newsletter.

Rickmama is one of the leading sources for your discoveries and proud of our readers who always visit our sites, long live our readers long live our Rickmama.

We do all the necessary in business branding, digital marketing, Information Research, website desinging, Communication, Graphic designing(logos and bussiness cards) and Applications development in order to put smiles to our honoured cleints’ faces and really that is what makes a difference between us and related companies

We are there for nothing else rather than to keep rickmama clients innovated on the new business ideas, informed locally and world wide on Technology, Health and Entertained with our educative videos/comedy at our rickmama-tv.

Leverage your business assisted by our great seo.

Getting our services from and delivering to all corners of the world for effective circulation of our business ideas and other information to our beloved readers.

We provide all what you want to know, hurry to take an advantage of the early bird to reach it all first as we always trash some of the old content whenever is neccessary were by it might be consisting what you are finding for.


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