What are cryptocurrencies?

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1. Crypto currencies’ defination,  

(2) Examples/Types of cryptocurrencies,   

(3).who is eligible for cryptocurencies

(4). How and where to get cryptocurrencies,    

(5). Others ways of acquiring cryptocurrencies,                    

(5). What to consider when buying cryptocurrencies?,                

(6). Best sources of crypto news and analysis,     

(7). Bitcoin break through guide

A cryptocurrency can simply be defined as

An intangible mode of digital transactions that can be used as medium of exchange. The transactions are backed up by a ledger known as blockchain technology that verifies, records and encrypts every performed transaction. They are decentralised, meaning that one can send or receive them with out the influence of central banks or governments, This ranks them to be the quickest and cheapest way of making online payments internationally.

Examples/types of cryptocurrencies which you should consider when going to invest.

Cryptoassets and their market capitilisation.

Bitcoin (BTC) + 911.5billions Buy

Ethereum(ETH) +955.5billions Buy

Litecoin (LTC)

Ripple (XRP) 50.6 billion Buy

Bitcoincash (BCH)

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

Bitcoin gold (BCG)

Paxgold (PAXG)

Dogecoin (doge) +31.9billions Buy

Cardano (ADA) +76.8 billions Buy

ChainLink (LINK)

Dash (D)

ZCash (ZEC)

Steller Lumens (XLM)

Internet Computer(ICP) +9.7billions

USD Coin (USDC)- stable coin

USDTether (USDT)- stable coin

Decred (DCR)





SushiSwap- +1.7 billions

Shiba Inu- +3 billions




Binance coin



And many others

Who is eligible for cryptocurrencies?

Fortunately, crypto space is for everybody to obtain assets of interest through any of the methods suggested and again is your responsibility to spend on what you want regarding to your priorities. This is regardless of your age, ethics, colour, and your knowledge towards the space. It means that you also have the ability to gain potential ROI from cryptocurrencies even if you don’t know any thing about them. This can be achieved with help of the third parties in most cases.

How and where to get cryptocurrencies?

You need access to a smart phone, computer (optional), miners (optional) and then internet.

Create an email from your google account.

Get your government issued ID ready for identity verification but to some sites, an ID is irrelevant.

Find the best trusted exchange where you will be conducting your transactions.

Some of the trusted exchanges are as follow.

BINANCE- (the biggest and best of all)

COINBASE– the second largest market for crypto assets.

LUNO.COM – this is known for its instant support customer care and relatively low charges compared to others. Check it now to see how good it can be for you.

ETORO – best for beginners.

STORMGAIN.IO– no need of kyc verification head aches, just an email and phone number or 2FA app are enough for security.


CEX.IO– is one the best paying for high referral commissions.

NEXO.IO- the leading in giving loans backed by crypto assets

CRYPTO.COM– best for sign up bonuses.

REVIX.COM– you can earn points with it in several ways and then redeemed into bitcoins. Visite site

AAX.COM– Known for both its highest interests and referral commission given to its clients. Visite site

And the rest

Choose one of the above to go with and start buying or cloud mining your crypto assets after kyc verifications. However if you want to mine on your own, then you will need whatsminers antminer, scrypts depending on the crypto asset that you want to mine. Find a profitable pool where to connect your miner and subscribe to kickstart your mining rigs. F2pool, antpool, slush pool, kano pool, bitcoin.com poolin, binance pool, viaBTC are some of the poulpular pools that you can use. If you are preparing to start mining ravencoin, monero, litecoin, ethereum classic,  bitcoin gold, zcash, Dash, Dogecoin are some of the profitable coins as per now.


Others ways of acquiring or multiplying your cryptocurrencies

They can be owned in other ways as stated bellow.

Buying them from trusted sites


Can be got as gifts say birthday gifts and wedding gifts

Affiliate programs

Sign up and referral bonuses

Completing certain tasks such as playing games, watching videos, online surveys.

Interests – you can save and earn compound interests on your assets.

Credit cards and shopping rewards

Get more details from this article

What consider when buying cryptocurrencies?

When going to buy cryptocurrencies, what is most important to consider is your experience on how, when to get into and exit the market.

a. Most of the traders rely much on the three types of fundamental analysis and these are;

(1) Technical which bases on the past trends to bet the future prices using indicators like trend indicators (candle sticks, moving average), volume, momentum and volatility indicators. (2) Fundamental is kind of analysis that relies on the economic data, such as Gross Domestic Product to influence market value. (3) Sentiment analysis confirms/completes the other ones depending on the traders’ attitudes and opinions at that period. You can visit wiki for more information on analysis. It is good to look at all sides of analysis types when executing your orders as one supports the other.

b. Terms of use of an exchange (more especially its withdraw limits and minimum deposits).

C. Dollar coast average, this is investing your intended sum of money in an asset in small amounts periodically. It is the most recommended method of investing in crypto assets aimed at lowering risks of losing the whole capital in case of deeper down trends. The fact is that you can never know the exact time to invest in crypto currencies, so investing weekly or monthly could be the best option.

C. Never invest more than what you can afford to loose. Crypto markets are more speculative. They can easily go so high or low. This puts you on a risk of loosing or gaining much.

D. Market capitalisation (current price by the circulating supply) of the exact crypto assets that you want to invest in. Investing in other altcoins rather than bitcoin that dominates the market may fetch you more profits instead. The current total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is over two trillions and this was after many companies including some countries like El salvador taking Bitcoin as a legal tender.

E. Be careful with your account details, Always you are requested not to share your One Time Password abbreviated as (OTP). This prevents hackers from accessing your assets. So in order to be on a safe side, write down on paper your OTP, recovery key words and anything else neccessary bank them where they can’t be accessed.

Best source of crypto news and analysis.

When you want to be always notified on the crypto currencies news and analysis, you have to sign up with the sites bellow

Coimarketcap.com, Coinspace, Coinspeaker, CoinTelegram, Coindesk, Coinmama, Blockonomi, Null TX, investing.com, Reddit, crypto news, Blockfoloi Bitcoin Magazine. Forbes, Todayonchain, NewsBTC, Decrypt. Rickmama.com, Tezro.

Check Bitcoin I love you if you are interested to know more a bout the origin and roadmap of cryptocurrencies.

With the improvement in the technology and automation in machines to simply human work, you can discover the mechanism of an automated and highly profitable crypto generating machine.

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All was made easy from the guide above, you can have access to all the resources you may really need to enhance your cryptocurrencies journey today. Also in the guide includes content on blockchain technology basics, crypto best investment strategies and practices.