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Best Beaches And Hotels In Uganda.

Before introducing to you some of the best beaches and hotels in Uganda, the following points can help you the foreigner wishing to visit Uganda the African Pearl schedule your calendar perfectly.

Location Uganda borders Kenya from West, Tanganyika recently called Tanzania from South, the Democratic Republic of Congo from West, South Sudan from North and Rwanda from South West. This places Uganda in the middle of the mentioned countries neighbouring it.
Being landlocked, Uganda has to keep good relations with its neighbours for its stable ness in all forms of security.
Uganda shares the biggest part of lake Victoria with its neighbours Kenya and Tanzania and it is around the shores of this water body where most of the luxurious Beaches and Hotels have been constructed.

SecurityUganda is ranked among the most peaceful countries in East Africa and the world at large due to the fact that it has not seen any serious war and famine over the last three decades apart from the minor political conflicts. It has got very organised forces and puts emphasis on agriculture developments to assure safety in the country however this doesn’t mean you forget about your own when in the country.

TransportUganda’s major means of transport that can access you to almost every point is road transport of which most of the main roads leading to major Cities and Towns have been tarmacked. Other means like Water, Railway and Air are also available but not in common for usual people.

Climate Uganda experiences warm tropical Climate with temperature ranges of 25°- 29°C wikipedia.
All the above gives you a strong determination on the perfect time to have your vacation from the Beaches and Hotels talked about or in any other place in the African Pearl Land.

Best Beaches And Hotels In Entebbe Uganda.

1. Aero Beach

This is a gorgeous private beach owned by Mzee Kodet C Luriak positioned along Entebbe road a few meters from the Entebbe International Airport and Kitooro town. It is characterised by the features found there which include;
Summer harts, white Sand, two attractive abandoned Aircrafts which are believed to be the ones that were hijacked by the isreal forces in 1976, the monuments in figures of some historical leaders like Nelson Mandella, Barack Obama, Yonatan Netanyahu among others, people from different parts inside and outside Uganda come in big number over the weekends to have selfies posing from these structure.
Other services include
swimming boat cruising, Fresh fish,Chicken Drinks and fruits of all kinds, Games like volleyball, tug of war, crossnet, sand castle jumbo checkers are available
An entrance fee ranging from one dollar and above is charged depending on the activity you are going to do inside the beach.

2. Botanical beach and gardens.

This is another huge chilling place behind Victoria mall of Entebbe alongside the road left from Kampala. It can be more busy over the weekends and holidays and people have always been tempted to visit there time and again because of the facilities present.
The site is none other than a paradise if you happen to have a trip there and is divided into two beaches each with its services.

Gorilla Beach Services.

Sand pebble,
Boat cruise,
Beach bed
Cliff top Torrance,
Life guards, Beach wears and crafts shops.

Kyoto kitchen services

Fire wood pizza
Rolling chicken
Chicken pulao
Pork skewers
French fries
Whole fish fried
Pool Table

Front Beach Services

Soft drinks, spirits, and bears provided by the bars and restaurants
Mobile Disco
Chairs and tents for hire

Note: They strict foods and beverages from outside and advise swimmers to do it at their own risks.
The gardens have got a large space and flora of different tree species. This gives a convenient area for various activities like playing football, hosting parties, video shooting at the same time without interacting with one another.
Students and other visitors have gone to have a look at some of the tree species as listed

MORACEAE Musanga Cecropioides Umbrella Tree
RUBIACEAE Morinda Lucide Beth Brimstone Tree
RHAMNACEAE Maesopsis Emini Engi Umbrella Tree

Usambarensis Pilger

Podo Tree
FLAIOURTIACEAE Calonooba Schweinfurthii Gilg Tambo Tree
BOMBACACEAE Ceiba Pentandra (L) Kapok, Silk Cotton Tree
PALMAE Caryta Mitus L Fish Tail Palm
MORACEAE Ficus Natalensis Mutumba
ARECACEAE Archontophoenix Alexandrae Alexandra Palm
ANACARDIACEAE Pseudospondias Microcarpa Engi African Grape
MORACEAE Antiaris Toxicaria False Mvule
BURSERACEAE Canarium Schweinfurthii Engi Bush Candle Tree
ARECACEAE Elaeis Guineensis African Palm Oil
MORACEAE Broussonetia Papyrifera Paper Mulberry
Bambusa Vulgaris Golden Bamboo

Inside is a nursery bed called Herbs and spices for culinary and medicinal values managed by Human Touch Gallery.
Reach them on +256 754-869-851to make an order as fast as possible.

3. Anderita Beach Hotel

This is an exceptional beach and hotel with just not more than $100 you can be offered a wide range of services.
It is found at plot 5 Nambi road Entebbe Uganda next to Botanical gardens not more than two miles from Entebbe town. The available services are;
Free Airport shuttle, Wifi, Breakfast, Air conditioning, Parking, Business center, Laundry, Swimming, Gardens, Car hire, Conference rooms, Bar and Satellite Television.
The management strictly adheres to policies enhancing guests’ Hygiene and Security including the Covid-19 measures.
Toll +25677298724 for your early reservations.


The Beach hotel is located at Plot 02 Kintu Road Entebbe and they provide space for the following services.
Kids game
Leisure functions and among others
Contact them here,
+256 757-511-990/ +256 784337699
P.o. Box 103 Entebbe,


These are known for their excellent services as bellow;
Restaurant, Tour and travel Events management
Their contacts
+256 200-900-130/+256 706-401-325
+256 709-080-314


Come and enjoy their care that is completely from others in the services they provide.
Free Wi-Fi
They accept credit and debits cards
And many other hotel related services.
Their Contacts and location,
You can Find them on plot 11 Nambi Road Manyango, Entebbe, Uganda.
Call on +256 751-123-450 for your early booking.


It is a beach hotel, bar and restaurant located at Plot 3 Nambi Road.
Like their name, they are friendly and lovely with good customer care which can really entice your next visit to them.
Their toll number is +256772236608 and


They are located at Plot 15 Kintu Road and offer services listed bellow
Conference facilities
Wedding venue services
Outside catering
Their precautions
Swimming is not allowed.
Children are supposed to be under the supervision of the adults or guardians.
You are asked not to leave your belongings unattended to.
Do not risk your personal documents.
Safety is your personal responsibility.
Call here for your early booking +256 703-171-711/ 0414 323-363.

All the beaches and hotel in this article are not very far from the Golf course ground and few minutes drive to Entebbe Zoo to have a look at lions, leopards, chimpanzees, monkeys, birds, snakes, giraffes, tigers, Chitters, zebras and etcetera. Interested in other hotels around the country but those in Entebbe are always good for flights catch up.