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It can be more described as a nutritional supplement that can refresh body energy and stamina upon taking it by ensuring the proper functioning of the blood vessels that carry and distribute blood and oxygen to the numerous body parts.


The formula is backed by one of the best specialist in california who aimed at ehancing peoples’ health blood flow.

It can be more described as a nutritional supplement that can refresh body energy and stamina upon taking it by ensuring the proper functioning of the blood vessels that carry and distribute blood and oxygen to the numerous body parts.

All have been efforts of doctor Farnesi who is the founder and medical director of medical age management and was voted one of San Diego Top doctors holding a degree of advanced fellow in Anti-aging Functional and regenerrative medicine along with the title of diplomate of American Board of Anti-aging medicine.

He has dedicated his entire life to sceintific research specialising in the field of anti-aging.

His research was all about the importance of nitric oxide to the human’s blood flow in the vesssels and that its deficiency commences at the age of 30 years and reduces more as some one grows old. This can be symptomized by high blood pressure due to thin vessels, foggy and unfocused brain.

So his formula containing several ingridients can produce an adequate Nitric Oxide for the better performance of blood and oxygen circulation in the body.

The ingredients in the formula include;

1. S7 this has seven plant based ingredients that include green coffee bean extract, turmeric extract, tart cherry, blue berry, green tea extract, broccoli and kale which all have been proven to increase nitric oxide by 230%.

2. L- citrulline/L-Arginina

L-citrulline is changed to l-arginine in the body which helps to maintain health levels of both Argine and nitric oxide production.

L-arginine can help in the reduction of chest pain, blood flow difficulties, erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

It can also help to increase energy levels and eliminate waste products that can lead to fatigue.


This ingredient together with l-citrulline can give better results in the production of Nitric oxide or it can make l-citrulline a more effective nitric oxide booster proven by a double blind randomized places controlled by human study.

It provides antioxidant protection and detoxification.

Trans resveratrol.

This is helpful in protecting the heart circulating system, lowering the Cholesterol and preventing clot formations that can result into heart attacks and stroke however too much of it can lead to diarrhea, stomach pain and loss of appetite.

Blood flow 7 contains the right 30mg dose of trans resverastrol that significantly increases nitric oxide production in an endolthelial cell that line the blood vessels.

These cells release nitric oxide in the smooth muscles that surround the blood vessels causing them to relax and improving circulation though the entire body.

Researchers report that arteries opened on the application of the dose in a double blind placed controlled study and this also were observed with the benefits of immune system boostering and anti aging.

Beet root extract.

This is rich in nitrates which are broken down to nitric oxide that help smooth blood flow and balance blood pressure.

It causes the blood vessels to dilate which enhances the muscles pumps and better performance.

Too much of the beet root juice can temporally affect the color of urine.

Benefits of taking blood flow 7.

Better physical performance

Surge in youthful energy

Balanced blood pressures

Improved mental and health clarity.

Increased sexual energy/ performance

Good looking/rejuvenated hair and nails.

Blood flow 7 has proven better results to thousands on the globe and some of the reviews are as follows.

Robert from Danger field TX

Says that ” I’m active indoors and out doors before blood flow-7 I often had a sinking spell in the afternoon which is no more now. Thanks to blood flow for keeping me going all day”.

Sally Stewart

“As a woman in my seventies , I can do my Pilates workout with much ease, it gives extra energy”.

Daniel Diaz in Walking ford CT also

Also says ” I had a lack of energy, leg pain and toe nail problems. Now In have improved in all areas. Better circulation has helped all aspects of my life, Yes I was skeptical at first but never hesitated to give it a trial on the formula that lead to gladness”.

If yes that you want the full power of blood flow-7 to help shield you from health concerns and stimulate the blood flow with the clinically proven power of Nitric Oxide, the visit the official site where it can only be found.

One bottle is $39.95 plus a small shipping fee of $6.95 but when you order for three bottles at $119.85, you are offered a free shipping and one extra bottle.

The most popular package includes 5 bottles plus two bottles offered free shipping and a bonus of two bottles after paying $219.90.

Blood flow -7 is 100% secure and 60 days money back guaranteed meaning that in case of any delayed positive results, a client can claim to be returned his or her money.

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Untapped Focus Supplement Review.


Are you a person who always take long time to remember things you do in your daily life, Some one can even forget where he has put a pen which just he has been using in 30seconds ago.

The untapped focus is meant for anybody experiencing such kind problems by improving mental clarity and capacity that enables the mind to think clearer and faster.

PETER the founder of untapped focus did it with an aim of helping entreprenuers and the aspiring entreprenuers to stay focused and get clear when building their empires.

With all the ingredients mixed to make untapped focus, the official site claims to be there no any calories, sugars, carbs, jitters and there is an indication of higher percentage of getting mental recovery, increased mental energy, improved mental cognition and stamina plus reducing mental fatigue.

Some of the powerful ingredients thiamine, L-Citrulline, Biotin Caffeine, L-Theanine, Teacrine, DMAE which all exist naturally.

Lets look at the functions of each ingredient in the body.

Thiamine (100 mcg)

Also called Vitamin B1 that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into needful products which can help in memory and muscle recovery. Thiamine can be got from cereals, meat, beans, nuts, peas and yeast.

L-citrulline (6000mg)

This is helpful in boosting of the production of nitric oxide in the body which contributes to the relaxation and better working of the veins that will limit the blood clots and some diseases.

Biotin (285mcg)

This is a fat, carbohydrates and protein breakdown to products that can support health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells.

In addition to the above, Biotin can also help in weight loss if paired with chromium.

Biotin/Vitamin B can be found in foods like Carrots, Salmon, Nuts, and Milk.

Caffeine (150mg)

This is world most consumed drug for the fact that it can effectively stimulate the brain. It is referred to as a central nervous stimulant and called several other funny names in local languages.

L-Theanine (100mg)

This is helpful in fostering the state of calmness and attentive wakefulness.

Research by several specialists reveals that this nutrient can help lower the heart rates and blood pressure that will showless or no more mental and physical stress signs and symptoms.

Teacrine (125mg)

Also called 1,3,7,9 tetramethyluric acid that is naturally similar to Coffeine and can be found in diferrent types of tea and coffee seeds of Herrania and theobroma plant species.

It has the mental and cognition abilities that can help one’s mind to be more shaper and focussed.

It has the ability of incressing the body energy.

How and when to take untapped focus.

Every one is recomended to take the right amounts of Untapped focus before work in order to support the mental performance and cognition for atleast 60 days while witnessing the results on a daily use basis.

A wise parent is to some what extent advised may be to get this for the schooling kids to boost the benefits of shool fees as this formula can eliminate fog in the brain.

An entreprenuer and those aspiring to be should know that great guys like Ellon Musk, Warren Buffet, Henry Ford and John D Rockefeller have all used supplements of this type to keep their minds more focused.

Untapped fucus can only be bought from the Official website in the following packages including a bonus of a book that can help you in planning and tracking your daily, quaterly or yearly goals with ease to increase your production in less time.

>>Proceed to the official site and claim for your package now.

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Hair Rejuvenator Program Review.

Discover why you loose hair only from the head and not from the other parts.

Why your scalp is like a stone and how this can be fixed?

According to specialists, loosing hair is normal, their reports that everyday someone has to lose a maximum of 100 hair particles and these are replaced by the new growing follicles. However if the loosing rate outperforms the regrowth rate, an abnormal condition referred  to as baldness can develop.

Hair baldness is an embarrassing factor more especially if it develops at a younger age when still in college, you can be teased/called names like solar man, Old man(Mzey) yet young, Charger and it can it worse when it affects a lady. You might really not date or have friends, feeling shamed, no confidence because of baldness. Some people have jokingly taken it as a richness predict because of it being common in old people with some money who have exposed it willingly or not because they have lucked what to for it.

James brings you a program which he called Hair Rejuvenator. It is the one that saved him from the same problem that interrupted all his life right from the age of fifteen years.

He successfully did medicine with all that humiliation and his role as Doctor was always to examine dead bodies to deeply understand the real cause of death.

Along his career, he at once worked on the scalps of two dead bodies caused by a terrible accident, He says that one of the scalp was bald and other one not. His results later gave him Calcium deposits underneath the scalp which he didn’t find in the other one’s scalp.

This is what he confirmed to be the cause of hair loss in his continued research.

That the calcium deposits can hinder the flow of blood to the hair follicles which limits its growth.

Remember the role of calcium and magnesium has always been to harden the bones.

From there, he had to think of how those calcium deposits in the scalp can be removed this process is called decalcification.

When the body takes a testestorene hormone that exists in both men and women, With the help of 5AR the body changes testestorene to DHT which is a toxic chemical to hair causing it to shrink and shortens its lifespan.

Solutions have been used to eliminate these chemicals but non have worked better than James’s rejuvenator program in which is a list of nutrients that can remove the DTH, 5AR and calcium deposits to allow your hair get back to its normal.

Assured results on and after use of the program.

Unlike fake solutions that you might have used, This program is a daily guidebook calendar and complete schedule to tell you the powerful and delicious hair rejuvenating ingredients to your daily meals and complete recipe compilation for every single meal.

This all will let your hair to completely rejuvenate which is the most important thing that can bring back your confidence and improve your daily performance.

No more humiliation because of baldness.

Reviews on the program from happy clients.

Now what you need to do is to visit the Official site and click to buy now at only $69 to have your life normalise again.

The program is guaranteed for 60 days of money pay back. This means that if you don’t get the expected results with the given period. Simply email the official website for your complaint.

No any other hair style that you can make apart from adhering to or leave it to be shabby.

Also see more on

Get rid of bad smell from mouth.

Restore your poor vision and throw away spectacles.

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Visium plus review

Look at what is really visium plus before you apply it to your body. >>> click to heal your poor vision today with this formula. Table of contents What is visium plus? What is the origin of visium plus? Root cause of poor vision. What are the ingredients in visium plus? Visium plus prescription. Effects […]

Visium plus review

Visium plus review

Look at what is really visium plus before you apply it to your body.

>>> click to heal your poor vision today with this formula.

Table of contents

What is visium plus?

What is the origin of visium plus?

Root cause of poor vision.

What are the ingredients in visium plus?

Visium plus prescription.

Effects of visium plus after use.

Price and where to buy visium plus.


Visium plus is the only natural supplement formula that addresses the real cause of vision problems, the fat clogs and cholesterol that block the eye veins and hence blindness. It is made in USA, approved by FDA and is a GMP certified facility. It is non GMO with out any toxins and trusted by thousands of people around the globe.

What can bring about poor vision.

Habits like smoking, poor diet especially with modern foods lack of enough sleep, rubbing your eye too much, watching reading and exposibg the eyes to direct sun for long periods, low water in take and sometimes aging can cause eye stroke due to imbalances in veins’ size and the following blood containing much cholesterol hence risks of blockages. It can also be genetic like if both your parents have had eye defects, there are higher chances of you getting infected also.

Visium plus can remove all the cholesterol and upon that, the ingredients have a free way to start fixing the damage done, fully repair your eye and strengthen your vision.

Origin of the formula.

Dany Adams has got a very long story a bout his success on coming up with Visium plus.

He is a 55 year old living with the Jane in a small town near Orlando Florida and tells us on how he was completely losing his vision of a sudden and thought it to be an end of his of his eyes having clear vision for the rest of his life.

But because of God’s mercy on him, he was shown how possible he can restore a better vision than in his early teenager hood with out the need of spending money on spectacles as he was always advised by his doctor which in turn worsened the condition.

Adams’ eyesight problems that nearly made him completely blind and after his last recovery from a horrifying eye vision condition, he made a lot of research with the colleague and they discovered a revolutionary natural formula which they named VISIUM PLUS firmed to completely restore eye sight conditions in few weeks of use regardless of age and any medical condition.

The question that Adam asked here also left me challenged and am forwarding it to you now.

It was like this, “Have you ever heard of people who started using glasses and their vision got better until they no longer need them any more?”. If you have heard one, use the comment box to leave your answer.

What are the Ingredients in Visium plus?

Daniel’s Passion about plants and their ability to keep you and me healthy, He proves the world with their perfect yet an easy powerful formula consisting of various vitamins, minerals and plants like Zinc, Coper, Pegeum Africanum, Annona, Tomato, Maitake, Reishi, Shiitake, VitaminsE and B6, Plant sterol complex, cat’s claw, Green Tea, Stinging Nettle and many others as stated on official website.

Lycopene in tomatoes

Helps to increase the eye health and lowers the risk of cataracts, cancer and age related macular degeneration that allows one enjoy perfect vision well into old age.

Vitamin C and broccoli

These are powerful nutrients responsible for improving on the night vision and keep the eye sight strong by easing the inflammation.

Vitamin A and Zinc

These are best reach in pumpkin seeds and assist on keeping the eye moist to prevent blockages in the eye veins meaning there will be no more discomfort and fatigue experience.

Capsaicin in Cayenne pepper stimulates the eye tissue and increases the circulation to eyes enabling clear vision to distant objects. This has also helped soldiers and police in their operation to view distant obstacles.

Pygeum Africanum

An herbal extract taken from the bark of the African cherry tree and research shows that it is significantly reduces the subjects cholesterol levels by 50% in a matter of weeks.

Annona Muricata

Also known as pawpaw or soursop whose leaf has extract containing a concentration of potassium which is the mineral that can relax the blood vessels, so the cholesterol could be flushed out easier and faster.

Green tea

This contains catechins, a powerful antioxidants that protect the eye against cataracts and glaucoma diseases.

These antioxidants also stop fat clogs from to the veins walls and lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body to 30% in 40 days as stated by researchers.

Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi Mushrooms complex contains a “Betta glucan” a supper fiber that can help to keep cholsterol level in check irresoective of the eaten foods, How does it work ?, it slows down the food transit in intestines so that the body gets more time to digest food. Beta glucan goes through the whole digestive system indigestable and in the process it travels taking cholesterol out with it.

Beta glucan is also an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate dark circle and reduces puffiness by dissolving fat deposites under the skin.

These all mineral are meant to perfect your vision no matter how your severe vision problems might be.

What you are going to face while using or after using visium plus?

Visium plus has got no any harmfull complait from all people who have used it.

Instead it can eliminate micro fat clogs and prevent eye stroke or even brain and heart dangerous complications.

Eliminate dizziness, blurry vision, double vision and eye redness.

Stop headache, eye discomfort and fatigue.

Get rid of expences on glasses, drops, injections and surgeries.

Cholestoral levels are kept under control and eyes moistened that lets no contamination feelings.

Fear for a permanent lose of vision permanently goes away.

Taking two capsules in every morning will not take long for you to witness the restoration of your vision or any other kind of defect that can lead to total blindness.

Some reviews from a few happy users.

Price of and where to buy visium plus.

Visium plus can only be bought from the official website from where each package has got its own price and clients from United states, NewZealand, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom are offered free delivery.

Comming accross this article is your chance a ware of what can led you become blind and how to over come it and you know that use if lenses have help to see clearly but does not cure the cause a poor vision and in long period, the condition can worsen if you don’t take a quick action agaist it.

Visium plus Inform your friend about it also he should do the same by sharing this article. We shall be fighting together against the poor vision among us.


Feel Good Knees Review.

What you need to know about the feel good knees before you access it?

Head to the official website directly.

Table of contents included the following                    

(1),What is pain?         

(2), Examples of pain,     

(3), what brings pain,    

(4), Feel good knees (the pain relief tool),  

(5), Good things on using feel good knees

(6), Origin and owner of the feel good knees tool

(7), Effects of pain,

(8), What is an isomeric exercise?,

(9), Reviews on feel good knees from happy users,

(10), And lastly is the Conclusion on what to do with feel good knees.


You need not to stand for all that pain my dear.

Are you struggling with any pain?, your answer might be yes and the perfect solution recommended by specialists and happy users is called feel good knees which is a guiding book in form of both soft and hard copy. Inside it is content that will teach you thoroughly on what you need to do in order to rid a way your joints pains.

Pain is an abnormal feeling of the body experiencing other hard energy forms resulting into dislocations. This can be caused by physical or mental factors such as unbalanced blood sugars, injuries, smoking, depression, poor diet to your body,

Leaving other factors, in most cases pain (rheumatoid) has usually affected old people in 40 ies plus range.

So, what feel good knees can do for you regardless of your age and the gravity of the pain that your are experiencing now is as follows,

Replenishing all the joints say Hinge, Ball and Socket, Pivot, Condyloid and name them all around your body which will make you worry no more with a freshly attained ability/power to do things that you love, walking looking and feeling normal again with out any other serious pain to any of your joints, bike riding, visits to your favorite places (play grounds, game reserves, museums, chilling your loved ones), great joy and focused positive energy like a teenager again let’s say.

I understand that you need to be introduced the origin of feel good knees.

All are the efforts of Todd Kuslikis whose name has been mispronounced by most of his followers. He is a classified and a nurse focused on helping people achieve pain free lives which you might be also looking for today.

He gained all his courage of working to obtain his dream after healing his friendly pet cat that was in critical conditions to the extent of not even being able to eat. He was advised by his father to feed the cat with an eye dropper which gave little hopes but later amazingly showed up better results, Todd praised God recovering his friend with out any veterinary expense that he was unable meet by that time.

Todd called this a magic and his mind forced him to start studying and learning how the human body can do it the same way.

He begun his mission of studying tradition Chinese medicine as well as herbal nutrition, acupuncture and internal healing arts, In the course he realised that the ancient healing techniques dated back thousands of years and contained hidden secretes that worked like miracles and this was not explained by his Eastern Medicine University, It then forced him to go further for nursing ,personal training and physiology from Western Michigan where he was disciplined a Masters degree with a focus on health.

Kuslikis slightly touches on the side effects of pain.

Trouble walking, Aching, Swollen and pulsing knees, inflamed knee joint pain, Constant taking of inflammatory drugs, moving in pain, over weight due to low energy levels Feeling older and immobile.

And he then tells us about a certain institute that exposes secrete exercise to decrease knee pain by 58%

The exercise responsible for the pain relief is non other than simple Isomeric exercise which was carried for study purpose involving participants who showed great improvement a few times a week. The results were really good, no pill popping, no knee surgeries but just a simple easy exercise that can be done by any one.

With all that experience, Todd really understands all the science behind herbal and has used it to help thousands of people globally and they have always blessed him for his program.

Isometric exercise can be defined as the simple and effective work outs that increase the muscle’s tension without moving the body. This enables the body to use its muscles and allows your knees yo release your pain for good.

I found some of the positive reviews as shown bellow,

Steve from Traverse City reveals about the accident that badly injured his leg, it became weak and useless for  over two years, He is now thanking Todd for including his program on Nutshell which who he had to start and in two weeks his legs showing good out comes not until it got healed and he is very okay now, able lift and carry what he wants.

Another review is from Pam F from Souiz Falls SD who is unable to tell the whole story but is feeling great even after the critical car accident, He says ” Several years ago I was in a bad car accident I still suffer with PTSD and have pain through out my body including my knees but the program has lifted the world off my shoulder I’m feeling so much pain in my knees now and this is giving me hopes for the future.”

For most of my life I have felt stiff and have had to manage my pains using medications, I knew the long term affects they were doing to my body but have always had pain in my knees. I’m always a bit concerned about trying out new formulas as they would cause more pain to knees. But the moment I started following your program, I observed more strength developing in my knees and feeling more good than before, I’m even planning to get rid of my pain meds.

Janete S fro Lamar. CO

I conclude by saying that basing from the above all reviews with no any dirt, its really time to get involved into the program if you are facing pains problems or even you can know before its your turn as prevention has always been better than cure.

So quickly visit the official website from where you will be able make your order. The soft copy is at $50 $15 and in case you want to be delivered a hard copy, you will add $7.95 for shipping fee.

!– /wp:paragraph –>

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Discovery That Reveals Hidden Secrets On How To Vanquish Ageing.

This is really a very big opportunity to everyone facing aging problems in that a solution to all that now exists with out your knowledge may be.

Its has helped thousands of happy users across all the continents and the specialist behind this effort is named Dr. Anil Bajnath who is believed to have spent most of his time on frontiers of anti aging.

According to this doctor, “Ageing is just a biological problem that can be solved like any other one and this should not worry you any more”.

Report made from angel reserve on the same doctor and published on 17th of september 2021 at 17: 47 says that Anil’s research has helped and continuously is helping many Americans all across the country gain more energy, restore their mental clarity, and slim down to a health sexy weight of which this is any one’s dream.

Amazingly, the specialist comforts any body not to even a single time worry because of ageing which is just a calender program that doesn’t mean your body becomes defected as you grow.

This has brought hopes to peoples’ lives who want to look good and increase on their lifespan.

More about our doctor,

Dr Anil Bajnah, MD is a board certified physician, medical professor, published author and sought after expert on the science of growing older, He is also a founder of Human Optimization Institute, where he and the team combine advanced testing nutrition and functional medicine imbalances that cause diseases.

He describes more about why your diets never work, always feel tired and down in the dumps, your skin sags and wrinkles.

Why no matter what you do you can’t help and when looking in the mirror question your self why you Iook so old.

He has shared the cause of all this and then in his discovery and most important himself developed a solution that can be used to clean the bad cells out of the body for good. This turns the clock including slowing and reversing all the signs and symptom of ageing on your cellular levels of which you really need in your life longevity measure.

Feeling more energitic that enables you to do what you like.

 Positive mind, healthier and excited about the future, this sounds unbelievable when it’s real because many people have been told by what they call their specialists that ageing is unavoidable.

But this Doctor Anil seems to have proven them wrong based on his idea that has helped many to solve the ageing problem.

Quickly get relieved from what has been sabotaging your health with the help of his idea or solution.

The true cause of ageing

This all rotates around the body cell formation.

The doctor tells us about the mitosis which is the process that the body cell goes under division, or call it cell duplication. This includes four stages prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The process occurs in the bone marrow and skin cell to replace the damaged cells and majorly happens to support growth of the body.

This process starts right from the young age and continues till there are billions in number of cells at an adult stage. Time comes when this mitosis stop for some cells and they are said to have reached the hyflicks limit at the fifth division.

So these cell that can nolonger divide are known are calle Zombie cells which get inside the body in a suspended animation and this bad according to doctors’ reports. 

They start to expel out toxic proteins like chemokines and cytokines which all these damage health nearby cells and unleash a cascade of harmful inflammations into normal tissue.

This leads to a multiplied number of zombie cells which is termed as toxic domine effect. That is when a zombie cell comes into contact with the a health cell, the normal cell also becomes a zombie cell. This is the determining factor of the faster ageing with multiplied zombie cells in the body.

They are the ones responsible for breaking down the body as one grows old.

Zombie cells in the pancreas and liver can cause un balanced blood sugars and insulin resistance that may result into an over weight body.

Watch the video above to discover much about what the doctor tells on zombie cells.

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Fully stressed by your fatty body/Overweight.

HEALTH SOLUTIONS Trigger your metabolism today Fully stressed by your fatty body or overweight! Trigger your cells metabolism today to acquire your desired size! The solution to your condition is transforming thousands and millions of people across all the continents, check on it, you might be the only one left still struggling to lose your…

Fully stressed by your fatty body/Overweight.

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Dentitox Pro Review

Explore the reality of the functionality of Dentitox Pro!

Give it a trial to confirm on how it can cure your dental problems.

You need to know what is dentitox pro and how it works if you, your family members or friends have got teeth and gum problems.
Dentitox pro is a dietary supplement aimed at improving peoples’ oral and dental health problems.

Origin of dentitox pro

Its a 54 year younger man, researcher, passionate about plants and their ability to keep human health. He is named Marc Hall living with his wife in a small town next to Charlotte North Carolina.
March Hall says that he has been researching the best natural ways could any one support their health teeth and what he did was perfect an easy yet a powerful formula consisting of various minerals and plants as listed bellow.

Vitamin A
Also known as retinol an immune booster that can help in defending your organs against diseases and so your teeth and gums are included.
It can also assist your eyes get a normal vision whether is in dimlight or not.

Vitamin C.
You can also call it Ascorbic Acid an antioxidant found in various foods and drinks including dentitox pro.
It is good for several enzyme activations and immune boostering.
Prevents scurvey.
Regulates blood pressure.

Vitamin K2
In addition to the several use of all the vitamin K forms which is the responsibility of blood clotting and bone health, K2 also does help in protection of your body against some forms of Cancer and heart diseases and its deficiency can result into the following.
Bad and irregular breath
Swollen face and lips
Difficulty in breathing.

This works with calcium and the right amount of both minerals are required for bones and teeth set up or building as the main function of phosphorus.
It regulates the body on its use of carbohydrates, fats and production of proteins for growth, maintenance and repair of cells and tissues.
The food and nutrition Board of Institute of Medicine recommends diets with 700mg/day of phosphorus in health people and 1250mg/day in children and pregnant women.

Once the right amounts are with in the body;

  • Bones and teeth will always be strong,
  • Active sensation,
  • Kidney failures are monitored for,
  • Ease in muscle contractions and recovery especially after heavy lifts and exercises
  • DNA and RNA presence.

Being a blood pressures regulator by removing sodium from the body through urine and helping muscle contractions and relaxations, it also works with magnesium in the body’s struggle to synchronise its blood acidity. Much acid in the blood can easily remove calcium from the teeth and jawbones thus weakening them. So that can be solved by having a daily meal containing the recommended amount of potassium.
Where to get potassium?
Banana, mushrooms, peas, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, milk, Beans, Spinach, Oranges, Honeydew and among others.
Whereas if you lack potassium, the following can be the results,
Tooth decay,
General body weakness,
Paralysis and
Abnormal heart beats.

To a small percentage, it contributes in the health formation of teeth,
Fights bad breath in the mouth.
Research by scientists makes it clear that regular rinsing with a zinc ions solution can do it better in eliminating bad breath for at least half a year period.
It prevents tooth decay by controlling teeth demineralization and remineralisation
You can find zinc mostly in pumpkin seeds, yogurt, cashew, chickpeas, milk of low fat, lobster et cetera.

Now having looked at all the minerals above and their related use/effects on teeth, gum and the entire mouth/dental health.

Marc Hall, when all their requirements to a fully percentage, they came out with a final product called it Dentitox Pro which contains all the minerals and assured people of it being a simple way to maintain and recover their perfect smile.
Which is obvious that some people lough less, talk with less confident because of sulfur gases and decayed teeth.
But Dentitox Pro is manufactured to resolve all that for you who experiencing the same problem.

Recover your great smiles and talks to your friends with out any bad gas after using Dentitox Pro.

More of the product details and pricing are found at their official website where it is only available for buying.

May be to a small hint on their price,

One bottle is sold at $69.

Three bottles are at $177 – this is the most popular package.

Six bottles at $294- recommended package.

They offer a free shipping and a 60 days money back guarantee. Even if you had used the whole bottle, no changes realised and wish to be returned your money. You will have to email them telling them the story to come and collect their bottles and refund all your money.

You may like it after seeing what is inside the power of visualisation eBook.


Fully stressed by your fatty body/Overweight.

Fully stressed by your fatty body or overweight!

Trigger your cells metabolism today to acquire your desired size!

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Alright, we have got you covered here, The drug discovered by Dr.Tabera from Madagascar was thanked by one of his happiest patients praising him for the better he did for him to lose several pounds of weight. Todd Pitman, not a doctor researcher, a person like you and me, a 46 year civil engineer living with his wife Joanne and the eight year old Aaron in Asheville North Carolina had really become obesity to the extent of bursting.

He supervised various constructions like skyscrapers, Tunnels and Bridges, Disaster Resistant Buildings in Rwanda, Renewable Energy Systems in Kenya and Clean Water system in tsunami-hit Sri-Lanka.

The happily married Tod Pitman reveals how he was losing his family because of his fatty belly, he was shapeless, zero perfection in bed and therefore no more attractive to his wife.

It can be embarrassing when in such a condition;

Can’t fit anywhere, may need you hire a special manufacturer of clothes, shoes, cars and so on.

Subjects you to daily strokes, heart diseases, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, and at times to death.

You can imagine all that!

How do you know that you are obesity?

Waist size is more than 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men.

High blood sugars

High blood pressure

High Cholesterols

What brings all the above conditions?

According to the research made clear  by scientists, every man or woman who is overweight has got a low core body temperature. This is the temperature of the body internal cells which should always be constant regardless of the weather or climate conditions.

Most people like eating fatty and cholesterol foods because they have got good test. More of such foods inside your body reduces the core temperature of your internal cells which highly correlates with their metabolism. We are not stopping you from enjoying your favourite meals as it might not be the only and perfect solution to losing your weight. 

Obesity doesn’t know whether you are mature or young and it has got a strong genetic component in that it is 50% that the kid can be affected if one of the parents is obesity and +80% when both parents are Obesity. 

The only solution to your condition we have got for you is what will replenish your skin turbo boost your sex drive making you feel more positive, healthier and excited about your future dreams.

You shouldn’t waste your thousands of dollars for Gym membership in an attempt to lose your weight. It’s only a small percentage that this will contribute to what you want and at times can lead to other complications.

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#What to do in this Covid-19 lockdown that can still earn you +$1000.

The out break of the pandemic since last year 2020 has left very many people in tears as their businesses got destructed leaving them un- employed and others losing even their lives.

Work from home to avoid covid-19 spread risks.

Including me we are skeptical where the world is heading with this pandemic Covid -19.

It’s really a fortune to you who is there and you have not been affected by the deadly Corona virus.

You might have heard or seen by your self on how the virus tortures patients who report it with the following signs and symptoms including;

Coughing and Sneezing, General body weekness, Lack of apetite for both food and drinks, Difficulties in respiratory system, Severe head ache and among others as mentioned by the medical personels and the patients who have managed to recover though some have been called by God in the name of the Corona virus.

Take it as a blessing that you are still living because Corona serously kills, I think you have witnessed this in many countries across the world were by thousands lives of people perish every day due to the pandemic.

Regardless of where you are located, for the better of your life, family, country and world at large, you are advised to effectively do the following ;

  • Frequently wash your hands using clean water and soap or you can sanitize.
  • Mind much putting on your face mask (barokoa) whenever you are going to public places,
  • Keep social distance from the suspected people with the virus and those whom you don’t know,
  • keep atleast two metres away from any one,
  • Self isolate your self from other people if you suspect yourself to have been inffected with the virus and immediately call the near by Covid-19 task force,
  • Avoid visiting and visitors in homes, otherwise stay home if you don’t have relevant reason forcing you to go out to areas where you can acquire the virus and bring it to the family members.

The good thing is that the disease can be prevented, treated and you get completely healed and therefore if you are tested and found positive, feel calm because some people don’t die of Covid-19 when they have got it, They instead die of fear that the virus has caught them like the HIV story.

Boost your immune with the recommended sources of various minerals say Lemons, Oranges, Garlic, Onions plus following the other medical directives against the virus.

Now that your village/Town or country has been put on lockdown to avoid the massive spread of the Virus,
The question is (how are you making a living if you have not been on government payroll and most businesses has been closed?)

Alright lets have a look at some of the ways on how you can still earn a passive income while at home which is a good prevention measure on the spread of the Virus.

Quickly take an action on any one of the numbers 1,4,7,12,13,14.

In the comment section, you are required to share what you are going through to earn a living in this Covid-19 season so that your friend gets an idea on how he or she can also make it.