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Why Investing In Bitcoin Is Taken To Be A Number One Source Of Wealth?

Do you know that future money could be bitcoin?

Why this sincerely, this is witnessed by the some countries which have started taking cryptocurrencies as a legal tender. And many companies which have accepted them as their mode of transactions have played a big role of making more people get into space of crpto.

Why can Bitcoin Trading be a good opportunity to make money? (courtesy)
In today’s world, it should be a necessity for everyone to have another source of income apart from what you make from your slavery job. Everyone will want a steady stream of extra money. It can be very beneficial for those who might need it to help with their education. Others will want it to provide them with a boost in order to live a certain lifestyle. Needless to say, it will not be as easy as it sounds.

In the age of the internet, there are many different ways that anyone can try and make some extra money. However, most of these ways require something that many of us can’t spare, a lot of time. Thankfully, few of the options don’t require as much work and aren’t as complex. If you’re ready to give a try to the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world, then continue reading why Bitcoin trading might be a good idea to make some money.

The potential of Bitcoin.

Yaa Asantewaa, the Asante warrior queen (DW)
The potential of making profits mainly comes from Bitcoin volatility. There are many different factors that can have a huge impact on the price of Bitcoin. It is important to remember that the price of Bitcoin can both rise and fall within a very short period of time. Needless to say, this can be a risky investment. But if you manage to obtain Bitcoin when the price is low days and then sell it at the right time, you could make huge profits.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has been a hot topic for some time now and most people are already familiar with Bitcoin. A lot of people now associate it with an opportunity to make huge sums of money. The best part is that this is not wrong and a lot of people who invested in Bitcoin are getting huge ROI. If you do things the right way, Bitcoin has the potential to earn you huge amounts of money. This is why the cryptocurrency has become popular but most people still don’t know how it works and think just is a scam and at the same time are the same people who may reveal your source of money as Satan from Waters yet crypto assets has potential of getting one from scratch to wealth if you have learnt the basics.

Trading in Bitcoin is easier and more accessible than what most people think it to be very difficult and suspicious!

Most people don’t like investing in the stock market and they think that the crypto market is more or less the same thing. However, Bitcoin trading is much easier than the traditional stock market trading. With the help of automated trading platforms and trading robots the process has now become even simpler. Anyone can access these platforms on their computer or mobile phone and have access to their trading tools that will make things very easy. For instance, algorithmic trading if you creat an account with Bitcoin champion or Bitpal  will mean that you will always have a powerful strategy to trade Bitcoins based on all the factors that can have an impact on its price.

Automated Bitcoin trading platforms are easy to understand and help users learn more about the crypto market. The best of these automated platforms will come with a variety of different tools, including the option of completely automatic trading that will help you with the processes of trading. With the help of such a trading platform, anyone can relax and sit back while the algorithms look for the perfect time to perform trades in order to make profits.

The value of Bitcoin is growing.

Price forecasts are very popular in the Crypto Currency World (CCW). A lot of people are trying to make calculated guesses on what the price of Bitcoin will be in the near future as the Bitcoin trading market continues to grow. The predictions for the value or price of Bitcoin and ethereum in the last couple of months have been surprisingly and overwhelmingly positive time and again crossing to new higher prices!

Most of the experts have predicted that the Bitcoin market will continue to grow in the coming years and there should be a massive increase in the value and price of Bitcoin. Some of the experts are trying to keep it a little more easygoing by saying that there will be slow and steady increase in the price of Bitcoin. As it is not easy to stay calm when all of the news about Bitcoin’s price in the last few months has been so positive, some experts say that we can expect the price to go up to six or even seven figures in the next few years.

None of the positive price predictions seem too far-fetched as Bitcoin’s price has reached an all-time high recently. So better late than never to enter the Bitcoin and world of cryptocurrency trading which has made Millionaires Billionaires and Trilionaires.

At press time, the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is above $2.44 trillion with bitcoin still dominating at 45.9% followed by Ethereum taking a percentage of 18.6%.

Bitcoin is right now trading above $59,500 and Ethereum also at $3,847 all are closing to their All Time High prices and most of the predictions from various experts and surveys made from exchanges like luno.com show that it is 80% predicted that by the end of the year 2021 bitcoin will be above $100,000.

Bloomberg, I don’t think crypto is a fad, I don’t think it going away, I don’t know what the value of bitcoin should be or shouldn’t be. But these things aren’t going away and the Blockchain technology supporting them is very real and powerful.

Shiba inu came to be among the popular coins and its popularity may not disappear any how since it is behind the support of Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik and Elon Mask. It made over 300% returns in less than week were its market cap increased from $5billion to $13 billion however now it is trading slightly above $0.000026 at a supply of 395 trillion which produces it a market Cap to $10 billion. Can Shiba reach its ATH?


Some things to know before investing in bitcoin.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Bitcoin in the financial market as it has caught the interest of many investors. All things considered, Bitcoin is a digital currency that functions in the online world. However, it may sound a bit suspicious and risky if you haven’t heard about Bitcoin before. In case you are thinking to invest in Bitcoin anytime soon, we are going to demonstrate the basics for you so that the whole thing becomes crystal clear for you.

What do you think is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital assett that stores value or it is digital money that allows people to make exchanges without approaching to a third-party like a bank. It’s identified as the online currency of the modern era, based on its distinct characteristics. Unlike traditional digital currencies, you can’t transfer it irreversibly because it’s encrypted into computer languages.

With Bitcoin, you can finish the transactions instantly. Location isn’t a big deal for Bitcoin, as it runs through the nodes of a computer. Bitcoin becomes a fast global cryptocurrency as you can deal with any person from one corner to another.

Here are things to Know before your Investments in Bitcoin

The digital currency ascended from a dark interest inside the tech world to a well-known investment and theme of discussion on Wall Street. A few financial specialists much consider bitcoin to be a place of haven investment, like gold. Now that you at least know the basics of this digital currency, let’s jump into the top 10 things that we should know before investing in Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoin is a Decentralized Currency

Unlike fiat currencies like the US dollar or Japanese yen, Bitcoin goes through a decentralized system as it’s a cryptocurrency. No third party has the power to control this currency, with no financial institutions, not even the central government. As it goes under a decentralized framework, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of its being devalued or seized by a third party. You don’t need to go through the regulation of a central authority in order to invest in bitcoin in sporting websites or online casinos. However, since the laws on sporting games and casinos vary from state to state, it’s always ideal to stay careful while investing in cryptocurrency casinos. On the contrary, there is a drawback of Bitcoin being decentralized because it can lead to a rise in criminal happenings online as the government has no power on it.

2. Confusion in its Origin

Bitcoin was made in 2008 by an individual or people utilizing the pen name Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto purportedly distributed the verification of idea for bitcoin in a cryptographic money mailing list prior to leaving the task to different designers.

The digital money network has a few hypotheses about Nakamoto’s character, however, they stay unsubstantiated right up till today.

3. Bitcoin is Pseudo-Anonymous

You are unable to touch any physical form of this digital currency. People can only exchange Bitcoin over the internet and can trace it with the help of blockchain technology. As you don’t have to share any of your personal information, we can call this currency aa pseudo-anonymous currency. With your Bitcoin wallet ID, you can make transactions online sitting on any part of the world. You don’t even have to share your name and other personal information to use this cryptocurrency.

4. It’s a Real Currency

In spite of its decentralized nature, bitcoin is genuine money as clients can utilize it to effectively purchase merchandise and ventures. Many organizations such as Newegg, Microsoft Corporation, Expedia are some organizations that you can make a direct payment with.

5. It is totally Unpredictable and Unstable

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are highly unpredictable, though it’s been used as a famous investment vehicle. This implies that the price valuations may vary from time to time, as a result, investment in Bitcoin can become bumpy at times. In the event that you need to consider this digital currency’s investment chance as a productive one, you have to acknowledge that Bitcoin’s unpredictability accompanies investment risks. Henceforth, you should just put resources into the measure of cash you can stand to lose to limit misfortunes later on. Furthermore, you ought to likewise set yourself up to set a reasonable benefit target when making an investment.

6. Learn the Procedure of buying and selling it

When you’re investing in Bitcoin, it’s critical for you to learn the procedure of buying and selling it. By acknowledging the nuts and bolts, you can envision what will certainly occur along the process of the investment. Start by searching for the simplest and most secure stages for purchasing Bitcoins. Make sure the one you discover offers broadened leverages, alongside virtual preparing programs for amateurs. Additionally, look for a platform that is equipped for tolerating different sorts of cryptographic forms of money. The following stage would figure out how to shield your advantages. In this circumstance, you need to ensure your Bitcoin is shielded from the danger of cyber assaults and scammers.

7. Don’t Leave Plenty of Money in Exchanges

The technology has advanced a lot and hackers have been taking advantage of it. With the assistance of modern developments, prominent trade stages for Bitcoin and different cryptographic forms of money can be vulnerable to hacking; thus, your whole assets may lose all sense of direction shortly. Additionally, regardless of whether you utilize the most secure and most solid passwords, sometimes this security may also get unable to fight for your account against hackers.

In this way, to play it safe consistently, be cautious with what you contribute and abstain from making a vast exchange utilizing bitcoin stocks. Moreover, in the event that you would prefer not to make a robust bet soon, do not leave your Bitcoin for a while in the wallet.

8. You Can Always Diversify

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency throughout the world, and it’s really easy to invest in it. There are several kinds of cryptocurrencies available in the world, and Bitcoin is, precisely, one of the thousands. Diversification is an amazing option when you already invest in Bitcoin. It diminishes the risks in Bitcoin when you diversify the crypto investments. What I am trying to say here is, you should not put all your resources into one basket. Rather, it’s a clever thing to invest in other cryptocurrencies instead of investing in one particular cryptocurrency only.

9. You will Have Limited options

Shockingly, the Exchange Commission and Securities and other money-related controllers all around have been very mindful with regards to digital currency investments. The SEC has more than once denied and deferred applications for a bitcoin trade exchanged store, referring to worries over financial specialist security and the absence of market liquidity. Today, bitcoin financial specialists must get innovative by either getting it legitimately from a digital money trade like Coinbase; from a representative like Robinhood; exchanging Bitcoin prospects; or purchasing bitcoin from different sources, for example, cryptographic money ATMs.

10. Bitcoin Has Some Big Detractors

Speculators purchasing bitcoin are conflicting with the guidance of some amazingly incredible voices on Wall Street. Warren Buffett presented Bitcoin as a “delusion” and “rat toxin squared.” Janet Yellen, previous Federal Reserve Chair, said Bitcoin is an “exceptionally theoretical resource” and “not a steady store of significant worth.” Moreover, US President Donald Trump does not admire Bitcoin and claims that its value depends on thin air.

Along with a range of reasons, Bitcoin is now a trending topic in the financial market. However, its capacity to turn into a standard investment choice makes it a blasting subject in people’s eyes. At this point, you realize the basic things to remember when you choose to put resources into Bitcoin. Most importantly, utilize this piece of content to acclimate yourself with how Bitcoin speculation functions and drive your advantages.

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Best cryptocurrencies that are likely to bring you highest ROI.


Coinbase exchange lists shiba inu.

Coinbase clients are happy for introducing shiba inu to the exchange.

It is this very month of September 2021 when coinbase allowed its clients to start receiving, receiving, holding and trading of shiba inu.Shiba Inu, the dogecoin killer heading to the moon.

This was after the several requests from clients wanting to trade shiba inu with other various assets on the exchange.

Coinbase report “starting from today sep 16th of 2021, shiba inu is available on coinbase.com and in the coinbase andriod ios apps coinbase customers can now send, receive and store SHIB in most supported regions with certain exceptions indicated in each asset”.

Trading for these assets is also supported on coinbase pro.

1.What is coinbase?

2.What is shiba inu?

Coinbase ranks among the best trusted world’s crypto exchanges

If not the first, it is the second following Binance exchange and the reverse can be true.

It is supported by millions of people because of its simplicity, high liquidity, good user interface but however the platform has a varying trading fees depending on the market network of a particular asset. So check the charges before doing any thing with the platform.

After forty eight hours of listing the meme coin on coinbase, its price rose by over 30% and as we talk now the price is ….

 Want to know more about Shiba inu (SHIB).

Official website, shiba, is a decentralized meme token that evolve into a vibrant ecosystem.

It has done things differently starting with in a supply of 1 quadrillion, the founder Ryosh, located 50% in Unswap, then burned the other half to Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin for safe keeping, 

To help the devasting spread of Covid-19 in India, VB has utilized the very meme coin SHIB in the largest donation in history. And he burned 40% of its total supply to a dead wallet ensuring the long term success and stability. Ryosh words ” Thank you to the woofmeistor for enabling true decentralization. 

Also can defined as an ethereum based meme coin created in August 2020 by unknown group named Ryosh.

The dogecoin killer quickly gained in value due to Elon Musk’s and VB engagement. There tweets about the coin played an important role of bringing more investors in SHIB

Coinmarketcap ” Shiba inu aimed to be the ethereum based counter part to dogecoin srypt based mining algorithm. Shiba and the SHIB token are part of a swarm of dog themed crypt I currencies , including Dogecoin, Jindi inu, Alaska Inu, and Alaskan Malamute. These lesser valued tokens brought investors who missed the dogecoin pump from .0002 to nearly 0.75 USD.

Current shiba inu’s market data

Price           $0.0000072

Supply.       $395 trillion

Market cap $3 billion

Official website

Where else to buy shiba inu?

You can also find it on Uniswap, trustwallet and Binance.

What is the best time to invest?

The fact to be told is that there is no one who knows the real time to invest but most have opted to apply dollar cost averaging as the best idea

Other stories

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An incredible story of a wealth building secrete that will make you a billionaire forever.

The Crypto quantum leap reveals all what you need to do in order to reach the top of the deal.

John man in the pictures bellow reveals his beautiful life today on applying all the secretes in crypto quantum. He has visited almost every country in the world because he is now financially free. It might be you in the next few days, weeks, months or years but that is after accessing and applying this secrete.

The Crypto quantum leap table of contents.

The 2 types of crypto exchangers and when to use each one

The single best exchange for buying and selling bitcoin. It’s one of the oldest and safest exchanges that keeps annoying paperwork to a minimum… and even has some of the lowest fees in the business. (Avoid using wrong exchanges this can result in your money being held up for long periods or worse of it being hacked by scamers on an insecure exchange you signed up with).

 Instructions on how to open an account with the exchange so you can easily follow along. It only takes less than 8 minutes of your time.

Detailed instructions on how you can easily make deposits into your crypto exchange account using all the supported methods.

Steps on how to execute a trade on the exchange and how to conduct withdraws of your crypto.

The differences between two types of crypto wallets. Which one is more secure and easy to use? You’ll learn the secrets that took him years to figure out – without making costly mistakes.

The absolute best wallet to use for crypto beginners. This wallet is safe, beautiful and user friendly..

How to backup your crypto wallet in case something happens to your computer. Your assets will be safe no matter what happens

The fatal flaw in our current monetary system. And why it virtually guarantees the success of cryptocurrencies… (and how it can make you rich)

The 4 “ages” of money: Why we’re on the cusp of the largest financial transformation in history. And why this is the biggest opportunity in your lifetime to create obscene amounts of wealth

The 3 functions of money and why an imminent upgrade coming soon to blockchain technology will provide the last missing function. This will change everything. And you’ll want to be invested before this upgrade takes effect

The origin of cryptocurrency on an obscure mailing list. And what makes cryptocurrencies such a breakthrough for people who love freedom and want to break free of government currencies

How a mysterious computer genius solved this decade-old cryptocurrency problem… and created Bitcoin in 2008. Understanding this technological breakthrough is crucial for your long term success

The one feature any store of value must have to survive and prosper and how blockchain technology makes this attribute available online for the first time

Why this breakthrough is leading us to an all cryptocurrency global economy in the near future. And how you can position yourself to reap massive profits

How the “technology adoption cycle” guarantees that cryptos will take over and how understanding this cycle will put you ahead of the masses so you can make even bigger profits

The fatal flaw in the legacy financial system that puts your money permanently at risk. And the unique feature that makes cryptos different from online banking, Paypal or credit cards.

The 5 critical advantages of cryptos that make them light-years ahead of fiat currencies. Once you grasp these 5 advantages… you’ll never go back to obsolete fiat currencies

How you can achieve financial sovereignty and why no bank or bureaucrat can mess with your crypto fortune

Why Bitcoin is bulletproof against hackers, spyware and secret backdoors so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your assets are safe

The one security risk you absolutely must know about (I’ll show you exactly how to avoid it.)

History on who really created Bitcoin? (The answer will surprise you)

How the total supply of bitcoin will never allow crazy money printing and multi-trillion dollar bailouts in the crypto world… so your investment will hold its value

The secret of Satoshis: How Bitcoin’s divisibility enables Bitcoin to become the standard for anything from tiny micro transactions to billion dollar transfers

The seven fiat currencies that have already lost out to Bitcoin. And why this is only the beginning…

Who really controls the Bitcoin network? The surprising answer is why the Bitcoin network is by far the most secure ever created

The truth about crypto ponzi schemes, how to protect yourself from them, and what makes Bitcoin entirely different

Why it’s essentially impossible to take away market share from Bitcoin for a very long time

A common myth about Bitcoin’s anonymity. And why you need to know the truth behind this myth

A sneak peak into the future of money: And how knowing about this let’s you profit even more

How blockchains actually work – from wallets, to transactions, he explains the blockchain so you can understand it even if you know nothing about technology

Cryptography for laymen: Understand exactly how crypto wallets work, which cryptographic key acts as your blockchain bank account and which key you should never reveal to anybody or you’ll risk losing all your funds

What role the Bitcoin miners play and why they are so important

The 4 characteristics of the Bitcoin network that guarantee the network can never be censored or shut down

How to guarantee your transactions get processed quickly – so you don’t spend hours wondering where your money is. (He even shows you a secret that lets you “go to the front of the line”)

How blocks are linked together to form the blockchain

How to quickly confirm your transaction so you know when your funds have arrived safely

Bitcoin’s competitors: The two strongest up and coming projects that could make you an additional fortune with the next generation of blockchains.

How blockchains agree over transactions while the database is distributed over thousands of computers all over the world

How bitcoins are created and how the bitcoin supply is going to develop over time

What happens after the last bitcoin has been mined

The key innovation Ethereum brought to blockchain technology and how it enables a whole new world of applications and investment opportunities

Profit warning: Why the 3rd generation of blockchains offers the best investment opportunities and what makes them different from older blockchains

The essential security system you absolutely need to add to all your crypto accounts to keep your money safe from hackers. Plus step-by-step setup instructions so you can easily follow along

Two virtually unknown ways to buy bitcoin – both of which are completely anonymous!

The #1 top secret way to buy bitcoin anonymously on a reputable exchange, in a global financial center that doesn’t advertise this option publicly

The three special crypto exchange accounts you’ll need to invest in the most exciting new cryptocurrencies

A little known tactic how you can hide all your internet traffic from prying eyes including your own internet service provider. This allows you to access services you might otherwise be blocked from (Hint: One of the most important crypto services blocks Americans…)

The one tool you need to pull this off and exactly which provider to use. (There are countless bad providers you need to avoid)

How to determine the best exchange to use to buy or sell any crypto token so you can get the best price and get your orders filled as quickly as possible

A common myth about crypto wallets exposed. This is an important concept to understand to always keep your funds safe

What happens if you receive a bitcoin while your computer is powered off

What happens when bitcoins are lost (and a hardly known fact about lost bitcoins that will shock you!)

One essential security recommendation. Many crypto investors ignore this key issue that can lead to a total loss of funds. Don’t be one of them.

Another wallet you’ll need because it supports almost all cryptocurrencies (even the ones the other wallet doesn’t support) and a unique way to use it that ensures maximum security

How to use a $6 device to keep your crypto assets extra safe. This is absolutely critical. Mistakes happen all the time. You don’t want to invest in this exciting new space only to lose it all because of a simple mistake

One key concept you must understand about cryptos that can lead you to financial sovereignty… but which also comes with an important responsibility

Four tools for Bitcoin and Ethereum that show you what’s actually happening on the blockchain

Where to go for help if you run into problems buying cryptos, sending transactions or using a wallet. This is something almost no other so-called “expert” talks about – and it makes all the difference to building a fortune… and spending you time frustrated and confused.

Step by step instructions to anonymize your bitcoins – making them untraceable

Three pro tips for bulletproof privacy. This is how you completely disappear from the radar of anyone that tries to look into your finances so you can keep your financial affairs completely private

If yes that you want to achieve your financial freedom, take this offer right now.

 Wish you well.



Check out the most trusted and regulated sites through which you can earn free money/crypto in different ways like free sign ups and referral bonuses, airdrops, shopping rewards, credit cards, interests, watching educative videos, playing video games, completing surveys and gambling/betting.

Earning online money nowadays is as simple as taking water so longer you own a smart phone, tablet or a computer and have access to internet, you can really make it achieving your goal however cyber thieves are also looking for money in same way, so you need to be keen enough while excuting this!


This is one of the world’s most trusted crypto trading and exchange sites with a variety of crypto currencies to trade or stake. It can earn you money simply by participating in its referral program and watching crypto educative videos.

You will have to copy and share your referral link to friends on social media and if one signs up and make a deposit with in 180 days using your referral link. Both of you shall be deposited $10 worth of bitcoins to your bitcoin wallets.

They don’t limit the number of members you can bring but they limit referral bonuses not to exceed $600.

 Paid ads which can lead to referral bonuses exceed $600 can cause your link to be deactivated and even possible to deny you payments.

Eligibility, you must all have completed verification levels.

Check out for more of its details >>>>


 This a South African founded crypto company registered and operates almost every where in the world. Once you are fully verified, you access the instant buying, selling, sending, receiving of bitcoins, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litcoin, ripple and USDC. The company has just of recent introduced bitcoin, ethereum, and USDC saving wallets which can earn you interest pa of 4%, 4% and 7.6% on bitcoins ,ethereum and USDC respectively depending on the market conditions. Also from the reward panel you can copy and share your referral link to your friends on media or any other way, if a friend signs up and makes a deposit of 0.002 bitcoins with in 30 days, Both of you will earn 0.001 bitcoins deposited to your bitcoin wallet.

The site doesn’t limit the number of people you refer, the more clients through your link and completed payments as required is the more you will earn.

Note; Members of higher account levels are not allowed to participate in this program.

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Note; You can’t earn the commission by referring your self and multi accounts are prohibited.


This is a very secure crypto trading and exchange platform regulated and operating in a number of countries.

Has got over 4 million users with no any report on customers’ funds loss.

Has a friendly interface locating a variety of of products such as spot trading, instant buy, CFD trading, mobile app, access to crypto backed loans and interests offered on staked assets.

Its referral program earns 30% referral commission and there is no limit to new members you can bring to the company through your referral link.

Withdrawals can be successfully  executed when you have completed all the identity verification levels.

Join now cex.io to be highly rewarded by staking your coins.


This is an innovative firm known for its first class services in cryptoccurrencies cloud mining. It has a hardware farm equiped with over 15,000 Asic miners GPU rigs located in Myanmar, and Kazakhstan. This helps them to solve complicated algorithmic mathematic problems in attempt to create new crypto blocks in the space where by they divide their shares to the clients who have connected gadgets say phones, tablets and computers to their related softwares.

The site mainly mines Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Zcash, Dash and Litecoin of which you have purchase hashpower to activate your mining rigs.

 Free money/crypto is earned through the following ways;

Discounts offered on hashpower. Usually 5%-6% when you purchase hashrate using bitcoin or ethereum.

High interests offered on DEFI mining usually 11.80%, 12.63% and 13.71% for Bitcoin, USDC and Ethereum respectively.

Second last the company gives Hashshiny Tokens (HST) which are freely mined for you and the daily output depends on your basic hashrate.

 And lastly there is a 10% lifetime referral commission offered to every client who brings new members to the company using his provided referral link.

The site is legit with easy usability.

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This a very secure lincensed and regulated digital fiat and crypto institution trusted by over two million people from 200 jurisdictions.

After complicating the advanced verification;

You can buy, send receive over 21 crypto assets and able to obtain loans against them in more than 40 fiat currencies.

Customers can also stake to earn a daily paid out interests on both the fiat and crypto currencies, Higher interest of +2% when you choose to be paid in form of Nexo tokens and upgrade to advanced loyalty programs by increasing your portfolio balance.

You can share your nexo provided referral link to any community where by if any body uses it to sign up and completes the payments of $100 or more with in 30days, both of you will earn $10 dollars deposited to your wallets.

Note; Accepts up to 100 first registrants through your link.

Obtaining a nexo card when you are a borrower can help you spend less and receive 2% cashback on every purchase.

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This is a highly rated investing company with its offices located in South Africa and United Kingdom. It operates almost in the whole world apart from a few countries.

It has got unique products in which you can invest for them to trade for you and these are the Crypto products like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, PaxGold, Top 10 bundle, Smart contract bundle, Payment bundle and USD Coin.

Others are the themes {Legal cannabis, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, eSports and Gaming} which are yet to be introduced.

New saving USDC vualt where you can lock your investments targeting for higher ROI has been added.

Rebalancing always takes place on every first of the month.

Right from the beginning of creating an account, revix rewards points based on the actions you proceed doing relating to their directions, say signing up qualifies you a 5 points gift, fulfilling the verification process gets you more five points, your first investment offers you 10 points and on the next investment brings your other 5 points.

Referring a friend to from any community source to revix through your link earns you €15 once a friend deposits €25 and €10 rewarded to a friend also.

Note; From the above all the points can be redeemed into bitcoins and then withdrawn at your time!

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This an app which you can download from playstore and start earning ethereum tokens for every completed tasks like watching youtube videos, downloading other apps and carrying out surveys.

It pays a maximum of 500 ethereum tokens for every video that lasts 8 minutes and 34 seconds meaning that if your aim for watching is to earn, you can switch on to another one when the earning time collapses in search for more tokens.

You will have to click on the earn more icon in order to access more programs that can fetch you more tokens.


The app trully pays but its not a get rich quick scheme because the CEOS say that their main target is to appreciate each viewer with atleast $120 per year. So it can not be relied on as a job for your daily income. You can use it when its your relaxing time and feel like you want to watch and earn at the same time.

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A Story And Your Guide On Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Technology.

A story and your guide on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

First of all before anything you need to know what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money which can be bought, sold and transferred between corresponding wallet addresses in countries authorised by the brokerage podiums and the process is encrypted by the technology referred to as blockchain. This records, secures and verifies all the transactions made at a specific time.

The system is legit but involves a lot of speculations and scams, this warns you to be very keen herein the crypto space in case you want to be part of it. 

A regular advice in trading crypto/fiat currencies and stocks is always that however much you are an expert trader, you need to invest what will not pain you in case of a loss, this is because in trading rules, the past drift does not determine the future market.

Alan’s story on Cryptocurrencies.

He says, Name

Personally I could hear of bitcoins losses, but the news mostly trend when the coin experience heavy bearish trends and people suffer losses of their funds. This happen in cities where agents’ offices are mutually located and fans who are thirsty to make huge ROI are convinced to invest anyhowly without understanding the logic in currencies’ trends

Late 2019 when I was adding friends to my facebook account, On adding a philipine lady Rebbeca Collins she immediately sent me an inviting message to their profitable company that trades and mines altcoins using there hardware machines to create more crypto-blocks that they share with their lovely clients.

 My eagerness to learn ways of making online money caused me to take action on her idea by clicking a referral luno link that she sent. I downloaded the luno app which I still use for crypto transactions and swapping having submitted all the required details and fully verified.

The lady further explained to me about how they can make a x10 ROI in 24hours. I was skeptical of this but badly wanted to prove their reality.

In my innocence, I gave out three quaters of my third salary from the new job I had just got and to see whether I can get a x10 ROI.

 Despite the delayed deposits to my luno native currency wallet, later deposits were reflected and I was able to buy bitcoins of + $100 in value which I had then to send to the lady’s provided wallet address and dearly promised a x10 ROI in the next twety four hours with no doubt.

The next morning I found an email saying that, Dear my name, you have received $1000 worth of bitcoins in your account and was thanked for investing with them plus given an option of whether to reinvest or withdraw. I emailed Rebbeca thanking for her trustworthiness and then opted to withdaw.

 Their reply to my query for withdrawing was ” Dear customer, to make a successful withdrawal, you need to send $50 to our engineering department to cater for maintenance, electricity and kyc fees. I felt very silmed and more fearful to have been stolen. I told them how I am not ready to pay $50 again even if I had it by that time. So I had to forget that ghost deal, however I did not give up on my cryptocurrencies research like most people do on experiencing such a first time treatment.

 I was strongly convinced by an other stranger man called Ray whom I met on Telegram, he told me every facts on crypto trading and mining and skills which cyber scammers use to hack accounts/sites but refused to  invest with him which I thought was his interest before he disappeared also.

Ray was really an expert but I contunuoisly rejected to trust him with my money due to my first experience with Rebbecca Collins.


With this, my $60 withdrawal process is still pending now.

They say that they give 120% and 200% interest for minimum investment of $50 and $5000 respectively in 24 hours and 140% interest, for min $500 given after two days.

 I was tempted to invest my $50 and in the next morning  $1000 bonus and $60 profits were indicated in my account, I could not withdraw. When I contacted them, they told me to pay $500 to clear for kyc which was not indicated anywhere in their terms and conditions. I also removed this from my mind.


More than 10 people I met on different medias witnessing on the assets and wealthy they aquired from trading options from the above platform which give a demo account to allow get trading confidentials. I used the account for some time and accumulated to +$100k. This gave me courage to invest to open areal account and invested +$400 and traded but losses were more than profits till no more was left on my account for withdrawal. I knew there was a loosing element which was due to lack of trading strategies.

Hashshiny and F2fooloption

Before dealing with expert-option, I had also invested in two platforms Hashshiny and F2fooloption with an aim that if one is fake the other one must be legit and indeed that is how it was.

Hashshiny that claims to be the world’s leading cloud mining platform proved me its legitimacy because of the several withdrawals I have conducted with it eversince. My capital was recovered and now am getting profits. The site mines the world’s most traded Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Decred and Zcash. Their interface is very friendly, They have good customer care, They provide discounts to all users whether new or old, They don’t ask for kyc fee, Their electricity and maintenance fee is somehow high.

 F2pooloption was too bad for me.

Their calculator that predicts high returns excites news users to join it. They have silver, gold, diamond and customer’s plans. I happened to choose a silver plan that requires $500 as a minimum investment. I could receive high daily payouts but was told that the withdrawal is after a period of three months which  I felt was not too long and relaxed my mind. By the end of the period , +$4000 had totalled up on my dashboard, I was very assured that all transactions are instant but when i tried to withdraw, the process pended and I was emailed that I have to pay more $800 to complete the withdrawal of +$4000 that totalled the daily profits I was getting up to the end of the 90days.

This shows what am having almost to $5000, my prayers everyday were wishes to make a succeful withdraw at the end of the plan and reverse was true.

When I contacted the company’s CEO on telegram and linkedin, He told me that is system is automated  and there is nothing they can change as they have no direct access to my funAsiI was immediately blocked from their contacts after crying to them for any possible help because I could not afford to pay $800 and this was not included anywhere in their terms and conditions. I was the first to write a review on trustpilot reporting their fake services. They threatened me with their orders that I should delete the review before they take me to the courts of law, this was followed by more than ten positive reviews praising their good services neutralising mine.

So I don’t know whether it was true that after paying this $800 I would have gotten my $4000, I can’t tell but be suspicious of it because still its rating is not favouring.

Miny.cc (Ponzi)

I found this on BMF(beer money forum)  ticked as alegit site but new and early investors where already making more money with it.

The above are one of their features plus a sharp graph that could show a continous growth of their fake miny token.

This was avery good ponzi scheme you could not avoid joining because of their enticing presentations on telegram and youtube channels. If you watched these videos, Video, Video x Video xx and others presented by freelancers who had started promoting it through its referral program that gave 100% referral commision. Trust me if you had come across their concept, you could not accept to be left behind to miss such a wealthy resource program.

I also withdrew some of the profits to clear my sister’s tution fee and because of this through my referral link I joined a friend paul into the system proving him with succeful withdraw I made lastly. We truly trusted the process and my self made a lot from commissions and capital in that a plan of starting Miny East Africa campony to mainly promote miny token through their juicy referral program came to our considerations. This was a luck that we wanted to take a merit of and improve our living standards.

It wasn’t too long when paul made a withdrawal request of his accumulated gains, He was told that the process will take 14 days to complete auctioning his assets which then will be reflected to his destination wallet address, we patiently waited and keenly followed their directives till the time collapsed and no change was seen with in the dashboard. They kept on confusing us untill I decided to contact BMF. BMF apologised we are sorry the company miny turned to be a scam.

Nothing could be done to trace the company and its ceo Thormus Norberg.

So that is how we lost funds, all our ambitions were turned down, my colleague was now against me because I was the lead to his lost money which was true but had earlier briefed him on the risks involved. 

In total, right from the Rebbeca collins I lost over $5,000 that mean’t alot to me regarding to what was my financial status by that time.

With all the above experience buying and holding strategy is revealed by the majority as the best method, You can buy and hold your assets for a couple of months and years targeting for your desired ROI. 

Join to acess your fittnes goagoals today.
Join to acess your fitness toals today.

Tips on spotting a scam site.

Considering the experience above, it is important to note the following tips when you want to invest in digital assets from any site.

  • God first before anything. You should pray to God for your fortunes, If the site’s interface looks to be so attractive, most probably is a scam.
  • Check the sites reviews from other sites like scamadviser, trustpilot and etcetera, low rating may indicate its low popularity and high rating doesn’t gurantee the site’s legitimacy, this urges you to do beyond that one, four stars and +1000 positive reviews, zero fake and scams are the best to consider.
  • Consider its durability location and high alexandra traffic
  • Domain names, certificates and addresses must be valid.
  • Customer care, don’t be too nervous and always act  profesionally when communicating to them, be very keen with their good languages they use to persuade you. Stay away from sites that promise heaven and earth.
  •  Never never even a single time bather buying a product from a site which you haven’t done yet your researh about or feel unconfortable with it.
  • If you suspect any fruad, block the site and cut off all the communication methods to them.

Make sure of the safe use of your money to let you to the next step of living styles.

If the story have been good for you, tap the button bellow to share it to some one else.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple price today, forecasts and pre IPO stocks to invest in.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple priceforecast.

Future money is digital currencies and bitcoin in dominance.

When we talk of Cryptocurrencies, the minds of most people are driven to Bitcoin as the largest traded cryptocurrency with a market capitalisation of over $745 billion. It was the first coin invented in 2009 by Nakamoto Satoshi to quicken transactions and so far its day trading volume is over $69 billion with over 18 million coins in circulation. Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and many other tokens follow. Though litecoin with 66 million coins in circulation tend to be faster in payments than bitcoin but bitcoin remains dominating. Like all other any other asset, bitcoin and the entire crypto currencies are backed up by a public blockchain ledger that is a digital technology accountable for the security of all transactions made online. It records and encrypts all proofs of payments which proves it to be a safe from hackers. People have trusted this processed since they can make transactions faster as posible with little charges incured not like usual banks.

Future money is bitcoin invest with confident today because it is the best time to target for huge ROI as most experts predict it to hit +$100,000 by the end of 2021 and $1million by the end of 2025. Bitcoin is treated like digital gold and expected to replace a dollar at any time.

The world’s richest man, ceo SpaceX and Tesla some time back regreted for not considering his friend’s advice who was telling him about bitcoin. Musk finds investing in bitcoin a good game and recommends it to his funs and telling them that He should have bought bitcoins 8 years ago.

Bitcoin has made over 42,500% gains all time.

Last price changes


Price today($)

Change in week(%)

Change in a month(%)

Change in a year(%)

All time(%)































Price forecasts and last performances

Bitcoin from $0.003 in 2009 reached $0.08 in 2010 and passed $1 in 2011 as its demand increased, it multiplied by hundreds and thousands not until it reached its all high time price $19,890 in 2017, this left its investors who sold that time with smiles on their faces. However it a gain reduced and traded bellow $5000. Right now bitcoin is trading above $45,000 line and promising to only its all high time prices. Check long term predictions of crypto currencies, stocks, commodities and fiat currencies.

Get your pre IPO shares here, Elon Musk’s ex-engineer who led the design of Tesla mode S is launching a new +$100,000 EV

Joe Biden and his government plan to replace all the 650,000 gasoline powered vehicles that the US Federal Government owns with EV batteries which can spark huge demand for EV batteries. What does this mean?

Other stories

Can Ethereum over take Bitcoin?

Are you an entrepreneur, do you love what you are doing, alright don’t forget to Practise these daily tips to succeed in your entrepreneurship journey.

The content is meant only for investment education and information purposes not an investment advice. Consider your level of experience before you are tempted to invest in any asset.


Nexo Lists Dogecoin After Few Days Of Launching Its Referral Program.

Nexonians frequently urged for the above two programs to be considered on Nexo platform as another way of motivating nexo customers. With in this month of july 2021 when the programs where finally confirmed. Nexo now allows its clients to use their referral links invite their friends to join nexo community and both can earn up to $10btc or in nexo tokens if a friend invests in any asset worth $100 plus and holds the assets for atleast thirty days. Grab your self Nexo account to be rewarded $10 following the above criteria

This was followed by listing of most peoples’ loved coin call it Dogecoin. Dogecoin is now available on Nexo and its willing cleints can buy, hold, swap it and borrow fiat currencies against this meme crypto currency.

Holding dogecoin in your portifolio earns you 3% which is paid out daily but this is only for those in Gold and Platinum loyalty tiers. Basic and silver loyalty members earn only 2% as of now. Note: Dogecoin withdraws and deposits are currently not available on Nexo exhange as this will be soon solved.

Little Dogecoin History

Dogecoin was created in late December 2013, that is four years after the invention of Bitcoin by an anynomous group of men named Satosh Nakamoto. For Dogecoin was put in existance by two software engineers Billy Markus in and Jackson Palmer in who did it joklingly in need to find out a new way of payment system and Bitcoin alternative.

Unlike Bitcoin’s scarcity, dogecoin exists abundantly with out known maximum suppply and its understood that 10,000 new coins are mined in every single minute. Dogecoin currently trades above 20 cents, $26 billion as market capitalisation, $1 billion trading volume and estimated circulating supply of 130.6 billion. Coinbase report

Peoples’ opinions on Dogecoin

When you speculate on some thing like Dogecoin, that is no difference than going to Las Vegas and putting your money on either Red or Black CNBC.

Dogecoin community looks to get on AMC’s Radar FXEMPIRE

Meme coin is not a speculative asset but rather is “Money” Forbes.

All the factors above not forgeting the Elon Musk’s usual comments about his love for crypto Ethereum and Dogecoin in particular which dominate his portifolio are believed to be the strong determinants of dogecoin’s price and the entire crypto markets.


Nexo legitimacy.

Explore here whether Nexo is good or bad before trusting it with your sums of money.

By defination

Nexo.io is a crypto and fiat asset managing podium. It is more of borrowing and lending clients fiat currencies against crypto assets instead of selling.

About Nexo

Nexo was founded in 2017 by these  Bulgarian men Kosta Kantchev in, Kiril Nikoliv in, Antoni Trenchev in and Tonia Z in.

It is a fully registered platform by various regulatory financial institutions to operate in over 200 countries. Its linceses and registrations.

Nexo offers interest of up to 12% which is paid out daily on assets held in any account.

Photo edited from rmn studios. Grow your investments with Nexo, the worlds’ leading and regulated financial institution.

There are over 30 assets that nexo deal with Including, Bitcoin(btc), Ethereum(ether), Litecoin(ltc), Ripple(xrp), Stellar Lumens(XLM), Chainlink(Link), Tronix(TRN), PAXG, EUR, USDT, USDC, PAX, DAI, HUSD, USD, EOS, BNB, EUR, GBP, BCH, Nexo Token and Dogecoin recently added

You can earn higher interest of +2% if you choose to be paid your daily profits in form of Nexo tokens and depending on your portfolio balance of nexo tokens is the loyalty program you get upgraded to and qualify responding interest + 2%

Some of Nexo reviews

Nexo being a registered and regulated digital asset management company with over than $370 millions insurance, it has got a high rating worldwide through various sites like trustpilot rating is 84% exellent and 5% bad and scamadviser rating it at 100% legit.

“Nexo is one of the best platforms in existence today, professionalism, transparency and attention to all of its clients is their hallmark. For those who want to approach crypto for more experience, high earnings and reality”, Alfaso Albano from Italy said.

Lobotom from Netherlands says “Nexo unrivalled in crypto and interest on your assets. I am not a long time member of nexo but it is a place where you can generate good income from interest given to your assets. I trust them with some of my assets and it feels good to get more from your money than a normal savings account in my country”.

Jane from the United States says ” Excellent rates and product clear interface and the best way of banking.

And plus five thousand two hundred positive reviews collected.

However to your sole discretion, you are encouraged to do beyond the above reviews in research before investing.

Nexo accessibility and security level.

Nexo can be accessed from its website and mobile application from play store and app store. To ensure safe banking of its clients’ assets, nexo enables the use of 2FA auth, face identification, sms and email verification codes/links. This to ensure that you are the exact one controlling your account.

Nexo also partners with Bitgo, Ledger, BCBgroup, Paxos, Blochain, Circle, Terra brink, Nomics among others which provide  powerful encryption to business accounts.

Nexo is amember of Bitcoin foundation, Crypto Valley, Swiss Finance Technology Association, Swiss FinTech, Global Finance, International Token standardisation Association and European FinTech Association, so all might be proving nexo’s trustworthiness. However it being a centralised financial institution, it has authority over your deposits and withdrawals.

Your eligibility for nexo services

It is just an email that you need to  create your self an account.

Clicking on the above link will display you a page to fill in your email and strong password. When the verify and a sign up buttons on the same page are activated, It shows your interest agreeing with their terms and conditions.

Further verification with a link sent to your email which redirects you to a completing puzzle page. This action logs into your account congratulations.

But then mind setting up a 2FA authentication to secure your account from hackers. Go to settings find where to enable 2FA auth click and paste the displayed secret key to add manually to a 2FA auth app which provides codes changing after every 30 seconds.

This is basic level, for advanced verification you have to upload your government provided Identification card like driving permit, National ID and Passport, This will enable you access all the features to your account once an Advanced verification is successfuly completed

Nexo major competitors and comparisons

Celsius earns its new users $40 in btc on their first $400 transactions.

Blockfi earns its news clients up to $250 with a start of $25.

Crypto.com earns its new customers $25 for signing up.

Whereas nexo does not think of it giving sign up bonuses to its new clients 

Nexo up and down sides.

Nexo Token since its launch in early may 2018, it picked up in 2020 when it reached $0.74. The token made 2000% returns at a $4.05 point on wednesday 12th of may 2021.

And currently it trades between $1.5 and $1.7 at a market capitalisation of over $850 million, volume of $11.7 millions and 560 millions tokens in circulation.

The company is committed to keep clients satisfied with its greater returns and new innovations causing its token head to the moon. Nexo provides free monthly crypto withdrawal based on loyalty program and time.

Nexo card holders benefit in the following ways mentioned below

Where and how to obtain a nexo card.

Mind you this card is a mastercard not a visa card which can be applied for from the nexo.io app. Simply download the app from google play store or app store and move to the page where you can submit your need for a card.

Invest with Nexo and make use of its card to enjoy its benefits

Other exchanges platforms where to find and trade Nexo token

Nexo being a huge and popular project aimed at effecting its values, mission and vision of disrupting the financial system bit by the other as they say. It is traded on over 10 exchanges that follow as bellow; Bitfinex, Bitmart, Huobi, Global, UniSwap, but nexo its self always recommends Huobi exchange.



 Know whether Hashshiny is fake or real.

Hashshiny claims to be the leading cloud mining company of crypto currencies founded in late 2016 by an anonymous CEO with an expert group aimed at extending their business to the entire world in the future and serve global users with technology innovations whereas ours is also to find whether it is worth working with it. Simple answer to this following the many positive reviews, large number of traffic investing with it and my own experience may be with time later it can change BUT as per Hashshiny.io is one of the most recommended platforms where to cloud mine your crypto currency targeting higher profits. I have made uncountable withdrawals from it to other wallets I own.

They advise to trust your wallet addresses as withdrawals can be halted for fourteen days if you make any changes. This is for security purposes as they say!

Hashshiny Products 








BLAKE 256R14





In addition to the above, you can swap over 200 crypto assets at its exchange.
  How to start mining

You can choose either to use a website or download their app from google play and app stores. But the app has always been easier to use. To sign up you need an email, user name and a strong password, fill in to get an email verification code. This gives access to your account to enable you to kick start purchasing products of your choice.

  Immediately after hashrate is reflected to your account, you will have to activate a switch located to commence your mining process. Payout is received after a day and then will be a continuous process

     Hashshiny hashrate plans.



Pricing per (s)


Investment per (s)


Investment per (s)


fee per (s/day)


Whatsminer M30

1.25$ /10GH



0.0015$ /10GH


GTX 1080Ti 8 cards

2.25$ /100KH



0.0035$ /100KH


Antminer Z11

0.30$ /sol

400 sol

50,000 sol

0.0004$ /10sol


Antminer DR5

2.05$ /10GH



0.004$ /10GH


Antminer L5

1.00$ /100MH



0.002$  /100MH


Antminer D5

1.25$ /1MH





Note: Every plan chosen is a two years contract. 

     Hashshiny pros and cons


  • Partners with cloudflare, SUCURIO, Mcfee, SECURE Protections, They allow use of 2 factor authentication, change of password, automatic backup of database that is done one a day, cold wallets to keep clients funds offline, employees paid highly. This is all to prevent hacking temptations.


  • Hashshiny offers promo coupon codes which are fed in at the check out and then click to start enjoying their juicy returns. The latest hashshiny promo coupon code is NEW2021 that activates a 6% discount on every plan chosen. 

  • Redeem your coupon code today not be left behind on their new innovations as the company grows.

  • Hashshiny’s DEFI account earns clients 13.75% on ether, 12.71% on USD and 11.76% on BTC. This is backed by 100 bitcoins insurance.

  • Unique hashrate graph where users records are indicated plus a calculator that predicts ROI per given time keeping the marketing conditions constant but this doesn’t include maintenance and electricity fees.

  • They encourage that if the charges on your daily pay out become higher than the real income, you can switch off the mining switch until it is viceversa.

  • Allows mining of the their deflationary Token HST and the returns depend on Hashrate purchased level.

Level (V)

Hashshiny Token (HST)/day

















      Referral program 

Hashshiny earns users a lifetime 10% referral commission. Howsimple, if someone signs up using your referral link, You will earn 10% on every of his investments each time he purchases a product. Create your account today!

    Peoples’ opinions on hashshiny

  • William Bustamante from the Philippines proves it legit for its honest, transparent and responsive customer care.
  •  Patly Allison from the USA also appreciates its customer care and use ability.
  • Others accuse it of high electricity and maintenance fees.


Personally, Hashshiny is not yet bad because it gives total control of my account, Unless you go against its terms of use.

You can choose to withdraw or reinvest your balance from the dashboard to increase your mining hashpower.

      Withdrawable Amounts 













  • DEFI mining – You can withdraw a minimum of 0.003 btc, 0.03 ether,and 80 USD.
  • Make sure to update your details two weeks before you conduct withdraw otherwise you may be delayed for a fortnight if you change an email, 2FA and wallet adress at the time of withdrawing
  •  Hashshiny charges a commission reaching a certain percentage of your ROI. This annoyed me on my last time withdrawal. To my wallet less btc than what I had expected was deposited, this is because I had not revised their terms of use.

ROI (%)

Their commission (%)









Visite hashshiny’s FAQ to know more about it 


This is not an investment advice rather than being only for investment education and information purposes, otherwise we advise you to make your own independent research before you invest. Rickmama is not responsible for any results to your actions taken on this content.

Bitcoin surpasses its all time high $61.6k.

Bitcoin surpasses its all time high $60,000 keeping its investors joy at heart.

Bitcoin the largest traded digital currency has made over 10K% in the passed 12 months at luno and its value surpassed $1trillion last week for the second time in a year.

According to coinbase on sartuday 11:45 PM, the coin that is reffered to as digital gold (bitcoin) traded over $61.6k and has made over 1000% for the last 12months which makes a Return Of Investment (ROI) of x10 and has surpassed $1 trillion last week for the second time in this year.

Decrypt says, the bitcoin’s surge might be due to the anouncement that the US pesident Joe Biden had signed off a $1.9trillion COVID-19 stimulus package following its approval by the House of Representatives.

Bitcoin your digital asset to invest in 2021

The digital gold’s trend is boosted by various companies and financial institutions adopting the currency for transactions. Some of the institutions are Bank of New York BNY Mellon and paypal that last time anounced its interest in Cryptocurrencies and bought almost all the newly mined bitcoins and again just of recent when the ceo telsa and spaceX Elon Musk picked interest in bitcoin and had to invest $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins. Following this, mining companies and pools like hashshiny, stormgain that came up and the individual investors have played a big role contributing to Cryptocurrencies’ steadiness and increase in value.

It is not bitcoin only on the rally but also Ethereum and Litecoin at luno and many other coins at coinbase like chainlink, Filecoin among others as shown bellow which can make you good money.

The percentage gain in a day

Don’t miss alternative possible way of making your life better.

Take your business to next step by informing these experts about it all.

Note: This is note your investment advice, consider your experience or seek from your immediate trusted professional before your investments.
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What to know really as a beginner before investing in cryptocurrencies?

Is cryptocurrency the new gold rush, or just an investing bust?

The richest man Musk reveals his secrete get here.
Crypto currencies

If you are new to the crypto world,

do your research before adding cryptos to your portfolio.

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones named bitcoin as his top bet for a hedge against post-pandemic inflation.

Most investors don’t know much about crypto currencies other than what they see in the news and can really sound suspisious when one is told about crypto currencies for the first time. Bitcoin was the first digital cryptocurrency invented in 2009 by an anonymous founder using the a group name Satoshi Nakamoto Cryptos are decentralised meaning are not managed by a bank or public agency. Instead, transactions of cryptocurrency tokens are recorded on a public blockchain – comprised of digital information stored on a database. Their future remains uncertain. “66682 Tokens or coins used in a decentralized network are not the same as shares in a company,” says Michael Anderson, co-founder of Framework Ventures. “As such, growing and proliferating these networks requires new models for success, and we’re still in the first inning of proving them out.”

Things To Know Before You Make Your Investments To CryptoCurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies is very speculative. “Like the majority of startup companies, most crypto assets will fail and therefore become worthless,” Anderson says. “Non-professional investors should only invest an amount they’re willing to lose.” Despite stories of investors making millions, investing at an inopportune time can result in rapid and extreme losses. As late as May 2017, one unit of bitcoin (BTC) traded for roughly $1,500. At its peak in December 2017, bitcoin got as high as $19,800. BTC ranged in price from $6,600 on April 15/ 2020 to $10,000 on May 7/ 2020 and today is trading above $30,000 having hit several all time high prices in less than a month. Although the chance of striking it rich by investing in cryptos is enticing, this market is extremely volatile and there’s a real possibility of multiplying it all or loosing it all (gaininng or loosing) and there fore when you going into it, you should be ready for what will be possible.

  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile. The value of CryptoCurrencies goes through extreme ups and downs. There are lots of unknowns.
  • Cryptocurrencies can be used for fraudulent activity.
  • Cryptocurrencies have an unproven rate of return.
  • Reliable crypto exchanges to use
  • Halving of CryptoCurrencies.

Here are some of the reliable Crypto exchanges you can use to access crypto CryptoCurrencies.


This is the best overall based in USA. It was founded in june 2012 by an American born Brian Armstrong. It has over thirteen million users operating across 40 Countries. It is headquatered in San Francisco and is a brokerage of varous coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many other Tokens

2. LUNO.

This is an exchange that operates across Africa, Asian and European Countries, It was founded from South Africa in 2013 by Marcus SwanPoel and other men Carel Van Wyk, Francois Paul and Timothy Starnex. It is headquatered in London and is a brokerage exchange for majorly Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple (xrp), USDC and has included a bitcoin savings wallet targeted to earn you 4% interest on every bitcoin you invest there and it the percentage varies depending on the Bitcoin’s daily price. It is a very legit platform and I my self have made several transactions succefully through my bank beneficiaries. Creat your luno wallet to start buying, selling, sending, recieving, storing any crypto and investing in bitcoin saving wallet!


This is the second lagest CryptoCurrency exchange after CoinBase overtaking it. It is headquatered in Malta and trades in various CryptoCurrencies. It was founded by Changpeng Zhao and Yi He and operated by BAM Trading Company based in San Fransco. Get it all..


This is one of the most trusted and leading European CryptoCurrency Trading and Exchange Platforms. They claim there to be nothing complicated with it meaning that with a personal email and a phone number only you can easily Creat your wallet to start making trades at a leverage of up to 200x. It also provides trading tools and customised buy/sell signals and the lowest fees among its compititors. Stormgain being a member of the Blockchain Association with in the financial commision and a partner of Newcastle United a football club in United Kingdom, this really proves it to be legit enough for you start working with it. From your created wallet, you can cloud mine to earn. bitcoins, earn 12% interest on all CryptoCurrencies held in your wallets and get 15% refferal commision whenever any body signs up using your refferal code and makes a deposite.


Nexo claims to be the worlds’ largest lending institution in financial digital industry with over $4billion assets, over 1 million users, 40 fiat currencies availble and operating in over 200 jurisdictions. With Nexo you can get several interests and loans depending on your chosen deposites. It is highly rated from most sites including trustpilot. An email and a phone number only are needed to Creat your Nexo wallet to start enjoying its services.


This a highly rated cryptocurrency company founded by Sean Andrew Wander and is headquatered in Barnet UK. It provides varous products like PaxGold, Bitcoin, Top10 bundle, Smart contract bundle, Payment bundle and other sectors which you can buy, sell and hold with them to give you monthly interests depending on the daily trends of the products you hold and time. Open the account with revix to start trading effortlessly.


Hashshiny claims to be the world’s leading clouding mining company. You can buy hashrate from the site which kicks off your mining rigs and every 24 hours you will be rewarderd accordlingly. I have made withdrawals Severals times only that its charges my not favour some one who purchases less hashrate. The site deals in mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Dash and Litecoin and Decred You can also buy bitcoin from there using your card. Open account to start mining.


This is another factor that a Bitcoin or any other CryptoCurrency investor should be aware of. It is one of the key charateristics of bitcoin that there is a cap on the number of bitcoins that will ever be in circulation. Once the network reaches the limit, no more coins will be released.

The upper limit of bitcoin is 21million and if this number of Bitcoin was released in the wrong way, it would create a host of problems. Bitcoins are created when the blockchain rewards a miner for validating transactions. The network gives Bitcoin to miners for adding blocks to its chain.

To ensure that this process is sustainable, Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto included a rule in the Bitcoin protocol that the rewards miners earn would decrease by 50%!e(MISSING)very 210,000 blocks, or approximately every 4 years. This is an event known as the ‘Bitcoin halving’, or the ‘Halvening

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, there have been two halving events. The initial reward for miners was 50 Bitcoin for each block mined. It was then halved to 25 Bitcoin in 2012, 12.5 Bitcoin in 2016 (the current reward), and the next halving is set to take place in May 2020, when the reward will be reduced to 6.25 Bitcoin.

Why do they happened?

The halving is done to control the supply. If the coins are created too quickly in relation to demand basic economic theory dictates that there will be a surplus in circulation and their value would fall.

Satoshi Nakamoto even explained the thought process

The fact that new coins are produced means the money supply increases by a planned amount, but this does not necessarily result in inflation. If the supply of money increases at the same rate that the number of people using it increases, prices remain stable. If it does not increase as fast as demand, there will be deflation and early holders of money will see its value increase.”

Coins have to get initially distributed somehow, and a constant rate seems like the best formula.”

To determine the rate at which they would be released, Satoshi used a logarithmic scale. This is why after 10 years, more than 80%!o(MISSING)f Bitcoin supply has been mined. However, it will be 2140 before the final Bitcoin is released

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Why people Invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum and are encouraging more people to do so!

While everyone seems fixated just on supply, the demand for these two cryptocurrencies makes them stand out from the thousands of other options.

At the outset, everyone should understand that cryptocurrencies fundamentally differ from stocks. Stocks have intrinsic value — they represent a real piece of a physical business. In the short term, stocks can swing up and down for no apparent reason, but long-term, as a company’s intrinsic value increases or decreases, the stock tends to move in the same direction. By contrast, cryptocurrencies have zero intrinsic value — they’re just computer code. That makes future token prices hard to predict.

However, I believe there’s a fundamental economic principle we can use to our advantage. It’s the principle I used when deciding to buy bitcoin and Ether (the tokens for the Ethereum network) in 2018. And it’s the same principle anyone can use to today to guide their thinking about any cryptocurrency investment. 

Smartphone displays stock chart and logos of various cryptocurrencies.

Supply and demand

In economics, few principles are as basic as the law of supply and demand. Price is determined by how much of something is available (supply) and how much people want or need it (demand). When it comes to cryptocurrencies, supply differs in each case. Bitcoin’s supply is well-known, and bitcoin aficionados argue this proves its future value. 

However, supply is only half of the equation. Remember Beanie Babies? Ty, the company that made them, periodically “retired” certain Beanie Babies, limiting their supply forever. This limited supply motivated some collectors to buy the toys hand over fist, causing their value to soar in the ’90s. Some even fetched thousands of dollars. However, Beanie Babies prices quickly plummeted after their brief heyday — most still sell for a fraction of what they sold for in the ’90s. But supply hasn’t changed; they still don’t make the discontinued ones. Demand changed. People don’t want them as much anymore, so they’re worth less.

Many cryptocurrencies have known supplies. That’s extremely useful. But an educated opinion of future token value requires a prediction for future demand. Thinking through both supply and demand led me to buy an equal amount of bitcoin and Ether over the thousands of other options. In my opinion, they’re the two most likely cryptocurrency candidates to be in demand going forward and the ones I would buy today (but more on that in a bit).

Stacks of coins displaying the Ethereum logo.

Why Etherium?

I bought Ether because the Ethereum blockchain has real-world utility. While tokens can be used for digital payments, more practical things like smart contracts and applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it like a tank of gas. Sure, the tank of gas has value. But it also has a practical use. Continuing this analogy, some cryptocurrencies are just tanks of gas in engine-less worlds. But Ethereum’s blockchain is a gas-powered engine.

Ethereum isn’t the only blockchain network like this, but it’s arguably the best known. That’s important because blockchain networks benefit from a network effect. In other words, the more people use one system, the more likely it is more people will use the system. To me, if people were going to build upon existing blockchain technology, Ethereum is surely among the top candidates.

Many businesses already see the value of using blockchain technology. And some, like DocuSign, are already building upon the Ethereum blockchain. To execute a transaction on the blockchain, you’re charged a fee in Ether. As more real-world applications are powered by the Ethereum blockchain, there will likely be an increasing demand for Ether to make it run. This could keep sending its value higher — its value is already up about 350% in 2020.

Stacks of gold coins display the bitcoin logo.

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin has less utility than Ethereum, but that hasn’t stopped it from maintaining its title as the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Some believe it could become a one-world currency, creating extremely high demand. But to me, that sounds far-fetched. People don’t seem to be using bitcoin for transactions but rather as a growth investment or as a digital store of value.

In my opinion, bitcoin’s demand as a store of value is far less than what it would be as a currency or some other everyday utility. That said, bitcoin’s upside could still be great given its supply is far more limited than that of Ether. Consider there can only ever be 21 million bitcoin tokens. By contrast, Ether and many others have no ultimate ceiling. Ether has annual mining limits, which keeps new supply somewhat in check. But bitcoin’s mining process is even more limited.

Every time there’s a transaction on the bitcoin network, decentralized computers process it and the fastest computer is rewarded with new bitcoin tokens. However, every few years the bitcoin reward is cut in half, most recently in May. This means miners are rewarded with 6.25 bitcoin tokens right now, as opposed to 12.5 earlier in the year.

Because there’s less bitcoin coming into circulation now, the price of bitcoin could go up if demand remains constant. A surprising development this year is new demand is suddenly pouring in from corporate entities. For example, Square just bought over 4,700 bitcoin tokens. And growing corporate demand, coupled with the new supply being cut in half, has helped drive the price of bitcoin higher in 2020 — up over 160% year to date.

What to do?

After considering the issue of supply and demand, here’s my cryptocurrency investing thesis: Both bitcoin and Ether have high chances of being used in the future. And their supplies are limited enough to send the value of these tokens higher as demand surges. I believe that applies as much today as it did when I bought bitcoin and Ether in 2018.

When I bought, I committed to holding for at least five years. I made that commitment because, with two very speculative investments, I recognize this will likely be a volatile ride and I want to ensure I’ve given enough time for my thesis to play out. However, because this is speculative, I recognize the value of cryptocurrencies could plummet to zero. Accordingly, I only invested a small amount. And even though it appears my thesis is playing out, I won’t consider adding more even as prices rise. Since cryptocurrencies don’t have intrinsic value, the risk is simply too asymmetric for me.

If you like the promise of cryptocurrency but don’t want the outsized risk, there are other ways to invest in the trend. Specifically, there are stocks benefiting from blockchain technology. This allows you to purchase shares in real businesses generating real revenue from cryptocurrencies, rather than speculating on things outside of your control. 


What is Price Action?

Price action allows to analyse the Forex Market with out using indicators.

Price action

What is Price Action?

  • Price action trading allows you to analyse the Forex market without using indicators.
  • Instead of indicators you use candles, support and resistance, and other chart analysis to make trading decisions.
  • Price action is perfect for scalp trading because it allows you to make quick trade decisions.
  • I won’t cover price action basics here, if you want to learn the basics, check out my free price action strategy.
  • The point is that price action analysis allows you to predict with a high degree of accuracy what price will do next by understanding who has control of price, buyers or sellers.
  • If buyers are in control, you want to buy. If sellers are in control, you want to sell. It all seems very simple right? Well, some newbies make price action a lot more difficult than it needs to be.
  • So let me tell you a secret that will help you be a better price action trader.

Who’s in control of price?

  • Who’s in control of price?
  • Those five words are vital when trading price action.
  • If you ask yourself that question every time you look at a chart, you will be a better trader.
  • I do most of my trading on larger time frames, and even on those larger time frames I constantly ask myself “who’s in control of price?”.
  • That one simple question keeps me profitable and it keeps me from making mistakes.
  • And here is why.
  • The question only had three possible answers.
  • Buyers are in control.
  • Sellers are in control.
  • Price is undecided.
  • If you spot a short trade which you want to enter and you ask yourself “Who’s in control of price?”, would you enter if the answer is buyers?
  • No, of course not, if buyers are in control you do not want to sell yet.
  • Asking yourself “who’s in control of price” forces you to think about price objectively.
  • It forces you to properly analyses price. Instead of making a hasty decision, you are forcing myself to make an informed decision.
  • Now, if I ask myself that question when trading 12 hour charts. Imagine how much more important it is when I am price action scalping a 5 minute chart; when I only have about 30 seconds to make a trading decision.
  • So, if you want to trade my Forex price action scalping strategy, memorise that question.
  • Who’s in control of price?
  • Being able to answer that question quickly and effectively is vital. And, it is also very stressful, which brings me to my next point.

Scalp Trading & Price Action

  • So why do scalp trading and price action work so well together?
  • Price action trading is about being in tune with what price is doing right now, so you can predict with a high degree of accuracy what it will do next.
  • Scalp trading is about the same thing.
  • A scalp trade normally only lasts 5-30 minutes. So, to scalp effectively you need to analyse what price is doing right now, and what it will do for the next 30 minutes or so.
  • So, what about indicators?
  • Most traders use indicators for scalping, which is a bad choice. The problem with indicators is that they lag behind.
  • Scalp trading and lagging behind just don’t mix well together. Scalping requires quick analysis, quick decisions, and quick trading.
  • And at it’s core, price action trading is all about speed and efficiency.