International Expansion Strategy: 3 Ways to Overcome Problems and Expand Your Business Reach

Are you aware of the need for an international expansion strategy for your company? Every business needs to grow beyond its shores and expand its reach globally. This is important because it allows the business access to new opportunities, a more extensive market, and makes more profits. The internet has become the primary vehicle that […]

International Expansion Strategy: 3 Ways to Overcome Problems and Expand Your Business Reach

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Generating Sales

Discover four reasons your online business isn’t making sales and four more reasons that apply specifically to a Shopify website The post Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Generating Sales appeared first on Mostly Blogging.

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Generating Sales

Where Do You Guest Post? 5+ Advanced Tips to Find the Right Blogs

By the time you are done reading, you will be happy to know ways you can guest post for free as well as how you can get involved in the guest post business for compensation. The post Where Do You Guest Post? 5+ Advanced Tips to Find the Right Blogs appeared first on Mostly Blogging.

Where Do You Guest Post? 5+ Advanced Tips to Find the Right Blogs

Why most forex traders loose and few have hit their goals?

Here are some of the reasons for the question above which might help you if you are in the same route to forex trading.

Commonly new traders wanting to make quick money without first having developed the skills needed for Forex trading.

The moment you decide that Forex trading is for you, you’ll have a greater probability to make successful trades in the long term, because you’ll develop the correct skills needs in forex trading

Further move on the important questions asked

Is buying and selling currencies right for you?


1. Your Capital matters a lot.

A Man With No Money Holding Pockets Open

When not enought capital Using leverage and margin can uhelp you with little initial capital

Because the market can be volatile, there is always the risk of losing money when trading a currency pair.

Losing trades over a long period of time means that your account balance can reduce faster as posible

“In addition to the inherent risk linked to trading, with Forex trading you need to add margin trading and leverage, which means that you can invest large amounts with little initial capital”.

So, this high level of risk means that you need to be sure that you do not use money that you need to live on always trade with money you can afford to lose!

2. lacking skills or experience.

You can not lack skills and you understand what to do!

So before even considering trading, you need to know the basics of the markets, what influences them, and how trading works.

Another important aspect is that you need to have a trading strategy that suits your trading style, with strict money management and risk management rules that govern how you allocate your funds to trades.

If you have no trading experience, and you do not know how market trends and relate to each other, Forex trading might not be the right investment option for you at least not yet.

3. You can’t handle when you’re wrong.

When making trading decisions, you can be right and make money, but there is also a high probability that you’ll be wrong and lose money.

That’s fine as long as your profits are higher than your losses. Losing trades are part of the trading game you need to be prepared for this and not take it personally!

In Forex trading, you need to quickly recognize when you’re wrong, and close losing trades as early as possible. It’s important to develop your ability to accept your losses and learn from your trading experience.

But do remember, it’s OK to be wrong you can’t be right 100% of the time in every single trade you execute. And if you can’t handle losing, you won’t be able to be profitable in the long run

Make sure that you are well equipped with the knowledge of candle stick or line graph reading

4. You’re risk-averse

Fast changing market conditions, high volatility, and leverage can make Forex trading a high risk activity.

You can make huge returns in the FX market, but these kinds of returns do not come without risks, especially when using leverage.

So you must be aware that loses are to be encountered a long the run and if you can’t handle the idea of losing every dollar in your account, Forex trading is not going to fit your targeted risk!

Get your best alternative ways that can bring you success towards your forex career.

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Best cryptocurrencies that are likely to bring you highest ROI.


Online writing jobs you can start today.

Interested in working from home?

Alright we shall talk about right jobs you can start with involving other sites that to help you.

My self have been an online writer for the past almost six years now. I believe writing is my passionate and I have made a living from it since I came to understand that it is possible and some how easy to turn it into a job, You know, right from my high school, I loved reading, writing, telling poems and stories which I never understood that it is my highly paying future job. I can not tell every thing past but my big thanks goes to the almighty for anointing me with such writing secretes. 

 Now sharing with you some of the best paying online writing jobs which you can also start today to improve your living style, the best thing with them is that you can work from the comfort of your deserved place lets say home while enjoying your family.

Table of contents

  1. Own blog
  2. Guest blogging
  3. Editing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Ebooks and courses
  6.  Reviews and surveys.
  7. Affiliate Marketing

Get more hints on the above table

  • Own blog

You need to get started with your own blog, How to do this?, find sites like wordpress and bluehost where you can create own blog. Choose your right plan and get a theme. Then you will need to create unique page (about, contact, privacy policy and disclaimer) which can smoothly drive visitors on your site.

There are very many ways in which you can monetise your site but mostly google AdSense takes the first place. You can browse for the terms and conditions of getting qualified to google Adsense.

Optimize your site for SEO or you can use paid ads to get more visitors which can turn to be customers to your listed products.

  • Guest blogging.

This what most people including my self have practised. Guest blogging simply means writing for other sites that are willing to pay you accordingly. It can be based on the traffic your blog has generated on their site.  

Examples of the sites where you can find such jobs are,,,,, problogger,,, and among other.

  • Editing.

This involves revising, correcting, grammar, spelling, punctuation, continuity, characters, and any other thing necessary to ensure that the visitors are fully satisfied with the content they come across on your site.

There is nothing that can really turn some ones’ mind like reading a sentence not understandable because of the grammar faults and this can result into your site being sabotaged.

  • Email marketing.

This is a crucial work for any online established business which relies on an email list that majorly increase customers’ interactions.

So as an online writer, your responsibility here is writing sales funnel email alerts to inform subscribers about your latest products, improvements, discounts and other deals.

  • Ebooks and courses.

Knowing how to write provides many opportunities of making money, I have always said that a writer knowing what to do can never be starved any how.

Back to the point. You can write ebooks that are printable or not and start selling them any where as all the local and world wide markets are available for you.

Traffic from social media, your blog are all there for you to make sales. But a trick you should use here is finding topics of public interests say it can be health line, travel, education, politics mostly, love stories to mention but a few.

  • Reviews and surveys.

Sites like capterra have always paid people for simple tasks they complete. 

It gifts up to twenty dollars for any good quality review you write on any software which allows more customers to buy them. The more reviews you write on different softwares the bigger amounts money you are likely to be given. Note terms and conditions are followed for your review to be published.

Say you have to be on both sides of a software being bad or good, Avoid grammar faults to appear any where in your review, you do not have to compare softwares and you can check for more from the site if you have decided now to start working with them.

. Affiliate marketing

As I have told you already, many people have become millionaires through affilliate marketing programs which is all about promoting the advertisèrs’ products and earn commissions on any sales resulting from leads that are generated by your traffic links.

How to get started?, sign up with any company, search for products you think is possible to sale or suits your market capabalities, then generate a link which you can start sharing.

Even with out a website still you can use the existing traffic sources where you can promote your links.

Other jobs of earning money online.

Remember a healthy body is a healhy life and then wealth. Trigger your metabolism using this ant-ageing solution that will make you look decades younger

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Pro behaviors that a Forex trader need to meet his success.

The table of content bellow are the pro behaviors which a forex trader must practise in order to meet his goals.

(1).They do not react solely based on one trade’s outcome, (2).They are confident but not irrationally so, (3).They do ‘nothing’ very well, (4).They love trading, but aren’t addicted to it, (5).They are constantly learning about trading by themselves .

  • Being a successful trader isn’t easy. In addition to sickening discipline, patience and passion, it requires the kinds of habits that most people simply don’t possess. Whilst every pro trader is different, we all have a lot in common, because there are certain behaviors that all successful traders must have to make consistent money in the market.
  • This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but the following six behaviors or traits, are shared by all unstoppable traders and you’ll need to adopt them if you want to become a successful trader yourself…

1. They do not react solely based on one trade’s outcome

  1. All kinds of thoughts and feelings can consume you after a trade finishes. You may feel discouraged, distraught, even desperate after a losing trade, conversely, you might feel cocky, super-intelligent, or feel like you’re ‘on top of the world’ after a winning trade.
  2. If there is one roadblock to trading success that you need to get past in order to become an unstoppable trader, it is being affected by the outcome of any one trade and reacting emotionally because of it.
  3. Professional traders treat each trade as simply another execution of their trading edge, with little to no emotional attachment to its outcome. This is easily accomplished by remembering the following facts:
  4. * Trading success is not the result of one trade, but is determined over a large series of trades. You must be disciplined enough to execute your trading strategy without emotional reactions over a large enough sample size / series of trades to see it play out in your favour. To learn more about this, click here.
  5. * Maintaining your risk per trade at or below a dollar amount that you have pre-decided you’re OK with potentially losing on any one trade, will prime you to not be disappointed or feel other negative emotions when you have a losing trade. It will also keep your emotions in-check after a winning trade. Control your risk via position sizing so that you don’t suffer huge losses or have huge ego-expanding wins, as both of these things can lead to emotional trading mistakes.

2. They are confident, but not irrationally so

  1. Confidence is critical to become a successful trader. You have to believe in yourself, in your trading strategy and in your ability to follow it and remain disciplined. Confidence means you behave in-line with the realization that if you stay true to your trading method and stay disciplined, over a large enough sample size of trades you will come out profitable.
  2. Confidence means that when you hit multiple losers in a row, as happens to even the best traders, you don’t second-guess yourself or your trading method, but you stick to the plan and keep executing. As I stated above, you cannot become overly-affected by the outcome of any one trade, this means you have to be confident and ignore the impulses to over-trade or load up on risk.
  3. You have to be confident that you have the ability to be a ‘badass trader’ who can outlast all the weak people who give in to their emotions and blow out their accounts. If you don’t believe this in your heart, you will give in as well, and fall prey to your own shortcomings.
  4. Confidence also means you know what you’re trading strategy is and what you’re looking for in the market. You know when a high-quality trade setup worth risking your money on is present. You can only gain this confidence by learning how to trade properly and getting a solid trading education like the one I offer in my price action trading course.
  5. Once you learn how to read and trade the price action, you will be off and running. I can provide the ‘training wheels’ and when you’re ready, you can take them off and trade on your own. Only true understanding of price action and market dynamics will make you a confident trader.
  6. Confidence does mean feeling invincible or like you’re the ‘best trader in the world’. All traders have losses, and the best traders know it and plan for it, even in the midst of a winning streak. They do not become arrogant, but they remain at a steady even-keeled mental state with a happy balance of confidence and respect for the inherent semi-randomness in the market.

3. They do ‘nothing’ very well

  1. Knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing when you should trade, they are functions of each other. Successful traders know that they will be out of the market more than they are in it, and they are fine with that. They have mastered the art of patience and have come to realize that patience is profitable.
  2. You do not make money by always being in the market, exposing yourself to risk of loss. You make money by taking carefully planned and timed risks that have a good risk reward and a high probability of working in your favour.
  3. This doesn’t mean every trade will work out, as even the best looking setups can and will fail sometimes. It means that as a trader, you are playing a game of probabilities, and to put the probabilities in your favour, you shouldn’t always be in the market, because if you are, you’re just gambling.
  4. If you know anything about gambling at the casino, the probabilities are not in your favour, unless you have an edge (like card counting in Black Jack). Trading is no different, if you don’t use your trading edge (price action) properly, you will be trading with the odds against you, not in your favour.
  5. In order to trade with the odds in your favour, you have to wait patiently for obvious trade setups to come along, and as they don’t come along every day, you will be out of the market, doing nothing, or something else (hobbies, day job, etc.) more than you’re in the market.
  6. Unstoppable traders don’t mind doing nothing for days or even weeks, waiting for that next good setup to take a stab at.

4. They sleep well at night

  1. Sleep is important for everything, trading included. Sleep gives your brain and body the rest they need to be in the best possible condition to trade successfully. Also, if you’re trading properly, i.e., not risking too much, not over-trading, following your trading plan with discipline, you will have no problem going to sleep with a live trade on and not worrying about it.
  2. If you stay up all night worrying and looking at your trades, you’re going to lose valuable sleep and you’ll increase your chances of making a stupid trading mistake both as a result of over-thinking the trade and being tired. Go to bed and get some rest, the market will be there tomorrow, let the market do the ‘work’ while you relax; be a ‘lazy trader’.

5. They love trading, but aren’t addicted to it

  1. Unstoppable traders are trading ‘nerds’. They love talking about the charts and about various markets with other traders (my trader’s discussion forum is great for this). But, and this is a big BUT, they are not addicted to trading. These are two different things…
  2. Loving trading means, you love trading properly. Meaning, you love the discipline, the patience, the observation of charts while waiting for a trade if there’s no obvious one to take. There’s nothing wrong with watching the markets and observing the price action as long as you don’t let it influence you to take what I call a ‘stupid trade‘.
  3. The best traders love trading, but they don’t let this love become tangled up with being addicted to being in the market, because they know that trading success is the result of discipline and patience, and trading success is what they want.

6. They are constantly learning about trading by themselves

  1. Any seasoned trader will tell you that trading is the ultimate test of one’s ability to control themselves. If you decide to take the journey of a trader, you are going to learn not only about the market and price action, but also a lot about yourself.
  2. Traders are by nature thinkers and are usually somewhat solitary people, but they must also become masters of self-control and logical/ objective thinking, which is very hard for most people to achieve with their hard-earned money on the line.
  3. So, to become an unstoppable trader, you have to know yourself and you have to master yourself in addition to your trading strategy. You will never stop learning about yourself or about the market, as long as you trade.
  4. But, you have to start somewhere and you have to build a solid foundation under you to get started properly. If you’re committed, you might consider taking my trading course and learn how I trade and what has worked for me over the years doing so will set you off on your trading journey with the proper tools and knowledge you need to develop into the best trader and version of yourself that you can be.

Lottery Maximizer

Also see here the alternative way of doing it if you can not trade forex by yourself.


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#15 Profitable side jobs you should hustle on to increase your income.

Profitable side hustles/jobs that can make you a living.

Let’s have a look at some of the side hustles which can make you money besides your full time work. 

There are very many jobs which you can get yourself involved in, only that the approach way or skills is a big concern to put in consideration.

Many of the sides’ hustles rise due to population increase and the fact that much of the manual and somehow the mental profession work in most of the industries have been computerised which has left people unemployed or paid less nowadays and therefore opting for the hustles bellow to live a financial freedom.

2021 best side hustles globally.

1. Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube stars have earned millions of dollars just by making videos about any topic of interest to their viewers. It just needs a smart phone with a good camera for shooting videos. Personal computers plus other devices can optional to reduce on the expenditure when you’re just beginning. Here you can make money in two ways,

  • When your site makes 1k subscribers, 10k viewers and 4k watch hours, you can monetize your site with google AdSense to be paid for your content.
  • You can also earn commission from links you use in the description of your video.

You got no time for shooting videos bit still is possible making them by using sites like Filmora, Pexels and others where you can download videos and images of your interests and use them in any of your projects with out facing penalties.

   2. Translator.

You can be a translator of languages between parties involved. Business men, Artists can pay you to translate for them audios and documents made for their clients in different languages. You can also be employed to teach a specific language in any institution if there is need and you are qualified to do that.

3. Provide cleaning services.

Instead of sitting down because you have studied keeping in your mind and with a feeling that all what you can do is a job that you studied for which is not yet at the moment, it is better to gather in a small group of 2 to 5 people (joint heads are better than one) purposely to think of what is possible to be done to earn you money and change your living styles. Washing vehicles, Compound Designing and Maintenance, Washing of Clothes, Cleaning of Houses and Fumigation are some of the innovations that need no much capital and skills for start up and can make you a good money afterwards.

4. Be an affiliate marketer.

You can sell companies’ products and earn commissions. This happens when the company provides marketing links to their clients which they use to link more clients to purchase products from the companies. The more sales your links make the more commissions you will be earning. Some of the trusted companies that have affiliate marketing programs are as follows;

and many others.

  I do affiliate marketing as my side hustle besides being an avionic engineer which has earned me more than $50,000 since 2017 when I got an interest in it, G. Robert says!

5. Trainer.

You can become a personal trainer in any field where you are passionate. It can be music, physical and fitness exercising, language,computer application skills, animal training (donkey riding and dog training), sports (football,volleyball, basketball, tennis among others You can charge what you want depending on what is on the ground!.

6. Start a saloon.

It will depend on capital and your other interests to start the type whether men’s/ladies’ saloon or for both which will determine your passive income here. If you’re operating in it for yourself or employing other people , you all need to have mustered trimming most of the hairstyles. Like any other business, the site location should be considered targeting traffic.

7. Freelancing.

You can as well be paid for writing articles on any site that is yours or not. Earning will depend on the views and clicks made per each page of your article in a given period. Be a freelancer or get a freelancer from here freelancer.

8. You can be a caregiver.

 Caregiver is someone skilled in providing caring services to their clients in their respective fields at homes, hospitals, workplaces and other necessary places. To be a good  caregiver, you need to be having the following skills; 

  • Physically strong and Healthier.
  • Expressing compassion
  • Good observant
  • Time management
  • Well Organised
  • Flexibility
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience.
  •  and  check for more here

Some of the caregiver responsibilities include:

  • Preparing meals
  • Housekeeping
  • Basic needs assistance
  • Medication monitoring.

9. Be a chef. 

You can establish any simple restaurant and take contracts of feeding your clients on daily basis  or also on your wish you can decide to offer outside services like cooking for visitors on simple meetings, birthday parties, weddings and so on.  You can charge what you want based on the quality of the service to be offered.

10. Be a farmer.

It is known world wide that we are living because of farming, you can practice it for domestic use on a small scale but endeavor to also produce what is surplus for income purpose. You can start with the following projects;

Piggery, Poultry, Banana, Potatoes, Cassava, Rice, Onion, Maize, Beans, Tomato plantations. It does not take much capital to start with any of the above projects on a small scale production.

11. Be a Hawker/street vendor

These people can make huge sums of money if all goes well when they are not restricted by higher authority councils in some cities and homes where they are not allowed though it is true that the job seems to be a hectic one but I have seen several of them starting from zero to millionaire levels. Because they tend to set their own prices so long as you appreciate what you love to buy from them. Hawking is a self employment hustle and therefore you face no much stress  from bosses and you enjoy any profit meet because starting the business requires little capital and and bills involved are not all that heavy. To simplify it, you can employ means and manpower to reach every point where you expect a market for the products you deal in.

12. Online tutor. 

Most of the institutions/companies have used this format when marketing for their products and services that they deliver to their clients. So in the same way, you can also write books or start any course online teaching about your field and charge it any amount  of your interest.

13. Social media Manager.

Social media managers aren’t only responsible for posting contents but also strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns and then gather and analyze data results from the previous campaigns made by coordinating with the design team in illustrations and memes making for their accounts. They are also accountable for content that performs better at the site and do  what is necessary to attract more traffic. Get all the skills if you are looking forward being a successful social media .

14. Online store manager.

You need to have got graphic designs skills in to make out with good contents. And necessary organisations like employing experts to production and marketing plans for the contents on various media platforms with Facebook taking the highest percentage followed by  LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, WhatsApp to mention but a few to earn more clicks and sales are all manger’s responsibilities.

15. Start a recycling center.

Metals and plastics that are redesigned yet dumped on streets, dustbins or taken to be useless in the community can be collected and sold to the scrap recycling centers from where they can be reshaped into useful profitable materials. Note; do not take advantage of stealing neighbours’ materials in search for money you can negotiate instead.


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Curiosity, sounds small but is a secrete that determines your success!

A mindset is only developed by outstanding individuals!

Curiosity is a descriptive mode of positive thinking to acquire necessities like food, knowledge, business winning strategies and other needful things in life. A mindset is only developed by outstanding individuals!

Some days back we had a conference with my business colleagues and the topic of the day was curiosity.

Curiosity is a personality trait that is in common to all successful individuals

“I my self I developed this trait when I was working at my 9-to-5 job and wanted to find a way out.” David K one of the richest entrepreneurs says!

But entrepreneurs like Elon Musk fall deep into it already in their childhood.

Curiosity is the factor that any man who have excelled in his business will tell you that it is what always he possess. “I started with almost nothing but because I was curious about it, I was able to build it in that way and have made it to this point but still want to be more than this” most successful men explain in such a manner. Curiosity helps to discover, create, paths or routes targeting for more ahead.

You will need to be curious to commence strategies that you think can make it to your point of interest, However while in the way, challenges and new ideas come in, it can not be a straight way to success, peaks,  valleys, rocks and broken bottles have to be expected but this all counteracted by that driving force common in almost every animal in search to execute or defend their goals which you have to stick to.

Curiosity is associated with the following;

You are a profession in any career, Curiosity is the big deal which can lift you up to an excellent position if handled keenly otherwise.

a. Vision.

In daily life,vision involves sense of imagination and possibility in any one’s career. The ability at heart to imagine positive outcome. It is what that you think of and dream about that drives you to be accomplished successfully as Henry Ford ford quote ” if you think you can do it or if you think you can not do it, then you are right. It is better every day to take like 30 minutes of rest visualizing your sources of success.

b. Fortitude.

Others call endurance or focus whatever but it is a crucial factor to be considered when building a business to a success point. Like as said that ” a man can never produce even a single kid in one month by impregnating 100 women in one day”, So Perseverance must be there irrespective of the irregularities meant in the way.

C. Concentration.

You can never kill two birds using one stone, you have to give your aiming at one bird which can give you a good meet, when you finish it then you can aim at the other one. Similarly you have to put your tension to a single business that you hope to lift you up to the next level, otherwise you can mess up giving all your tension to two or more things at once.

D. Passion.

This is being an enthusiast on what you are doing and it goes hand in hand with hustling, you can not hustle for what you are not loving and more so if detected that it is not taking you to the next level, this instead will be wastage of time. Your followers will notice a difference if you continue showing that you are hustling for what you are passionate about. Interested in E F G and visit here.

Quotes That Can Trigger Your Curiosity.

It always seems impossible until is done! (Nelson Mandela).

A bend in the road is not the end of the road! (Helen Keller).

The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying! (John Maxwell)

There are no any limit to what you can accomplish except the limit you place on your thinking! (Brain Tracy).

You are in total control over are your attitude s and efforts! ( Billy Cox).

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments your life, keep going tough situations building strong people in the end! (_).

Success is not an accident or luck is hard work, Perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing! (_).

Failure is the only opportunity to begin again this time more intelligently! (Henry Ford).

Many of the  failures are people who didn’t release how close they were to success when they gave up there efforts! (Thomas Edison).

Fail Seven times and Stand up eight times! (Japanese proverb).


An incredible story of a wealth building secrete that will make you a billionaire forever.

The Crypto quantum leap reveals all what you need to do in order to reach the top of the deal.

John man in the pictures bellow reveals his beautiful life today on applying all the secretes in crypto quantum. He has visited almost every country in the world because he is now financially free. It might be you in the next few days, weeks, months or years but that is after accessing and applying this secrete.

The Crypto quantum leap table of contents.

The 2 types of crypto exchangers and when to use each one

The single best exchange for buying and selling bitcoin. It’s one of the oldest and safest exchanges that keeps annoying paperwork to a minimum… and even has some of the lowest fees in the business. (Avoid using wrong exchanges this can result in your money being held up for long periods or worse of it being hacked by scamers on an insecure exchange you signed up with).

 Instructions on how to open an account with the exchange so you can easily follow along. It only takes less than 8 minutes of your time.

Detailed instructions on how you can easily make deposits into your crypto exchange account using all the supported methods.

Steps on how to execute a trade on the exchange and how to conduct withdraws of your crypto.

The differences between two types of crypto wallets. Which one is more secure and easy to use? You’ll learn the secrets that took him years to figure out – without making costly mistakes.

The absolute best wallet to use for crypto beginners. This wallet is safe, beautiful and user friendly..

How to backup your crypto wallet in case something happens to your computer. Your assets will be safe no matter what happens

The fatal flaw in our current monetary system. And why it virtually guarantees the success of cryptocurrencies… (and how it can make you rich)

The 4 “ages” of money: Why we’re on the cusp of the largest financial transformation in history. And why this is the biggest opportunity in your lifetime to create obscene amounts of wealth

The 3 functions of money and why an imminent upgrade coming soon to blockchain technology will provide the last missing function. This will change everything. And you’ll want to be invested before this upgrade takes effect

The origin of cryptocurrency on an obscure mailing list. And what makes cryptocurrencies such a breakthrough for people who love freedom and want to break free of government currencies

How a mysterious computer genius solved this decade-old cryptocurrency problem… and created Bitcoin in 2008. Understanding this technological breakthrough is crucial for your long term success

The one feature any store of value must have to survive and prosper and how blockchain technology makes this attribute available online for the first time

Why this breakthrough is leading us to an all cryptocurrency global economy in the near future. And how you can position yourself to reap massive profits

How the “technology adoption cycle” guarantees that cryptos will take over and how understanding this cycle will put you ahead of the masses so you can make even bigger profits

The fatal flaw in the legacy financial system that puts your money permanently at risk. And the unique feature that makes cryptos different from online banking, Paypal or credit cards.

The 5 critical advantages of cryptos that make them light-years ahead of fiat currencies. Once you grasp these 5 advantages… you’ll never go back to obsolete fiat currencies

How you can achieve financial sovereignty and why no bank or bureaucrat can mess with your crypto fortune

Why Bitcoin is bulletproof against hackers, spyware and secret backdoors so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your assets are safe

The one security risk you absolutely must know about (I’ll show you exactly how to avoid it.)

History on who really created Bitcoin? (The answer will surprise you)

How the total supply of bitcoin will never allow crazy money printing and multi-trillion dollar bailouts in the crypto world… so your investment will hold its value

The secret of Satoshis: How Bitcoin’s divisibility enables Bitcoin to become the standard for anything from tiny micro transactions to billion dollar transfers

The seven fiat currencies that have already lost out to Bitcoin. And why this is only the beginning…

Who really controls the Bitcoin network? The surprising answer is why the Bitcoin network is by far the most secure ever created

The truth about crypto ponzi schemes, how to protect yourself from them, and what makes Bitcoin entirely different

Why it’s essentially impossible to take away market share from Bitcoin for a very long time

A common myth about Bitcoin’s anonymity. And why you need to know the truth behind this myth

A sneak peak into the future of money: And how knowing about this let’s you profit even more

How blockchains actually work – from wallets, to transactions, he explains the blockchain so you can understand it even if you know nothing about technology

Cryptography for laymen: Understand exactly how crypto wallets work, which cryptographic key acts as your blockchain bank account and which key you should never reveal to anybody or you’ll risk losing all your funds

What role the Bitcoin miners play and why they are so important

The 4 characteristics of the Bitcoin network that guarantee the network can never be censored or shut down

How to guarantee your transactions get processed quickly – so you don’t spend hours wondering where your money is. (He even shows you a secret that lets you “go to the front of the line”)

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GameStop ($GME) Proved the Market Is RIGGED

 GameStop ($GME) Proved the Market Is RIGGED

If you haven’t heard about the drama surrounding GameStop and the Reddit board (r/wallstreetbets) that’s been waging a battle against short sellers on Wall Street, you must have been living off the grid all week.

But in case you’ve been out in the mountains or something, I’ll sum it up real quick for you.

There’s a social media site called Reddit. It’s all just user comments that other users upvote or downvote. There’s a chat board on that site called r/wallstreetbets. It’s populated by retail traders who refer to themselves as “degenerates” and “idiots.”

These degenerate idiots figured out that some very aggressive hedge funds had sold GameStop shares short — and by a massive amount. Thanks to options trading, these funds were able to borrow and sell short more stock than the company actually had on the market.

And the “degenerates” on Reddit saw an opportunity to “stick it to the man” by driving GameStop’s price up and forcing those short sellers to buy back shares at a super-high price. This is known as a short squeeze.

How high would the shorts have to buy back at? Well, just a month or so ago, you could have bought GameStop shares for less than $15. At its height, so far, it has gotten up to $483.

It has cost short sellers tens of billions of dollars in margin calls. 

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Not only are investors now looking at returns as high as 140,000% in a few extraordinary cases, but these investments are extremely simple.

You don’t need to be an options trading expert, you won’t need to worry about perfectly timing trades, and you don’t need a small fortune to get started. 

I’ve spent months researching and digging to get you all the details and opportunities, and it’s finally ready for you to see. 

Inside this free report, I discuss how you can unlock the secrets of private-market investing and make them work to your advantage. But that’s not all…

You will also have the opportunity to join us in these private companies that could deliver double, triple, and even quadruple returns. 

So that’s the short version. Retail investors figured out how to win while making Wall Street lose a little. It’s been the best rout of Wall Street since Billy Ray and Louis took down the Duke brothers.

But the drama goes even deeper after what happened Thursday morning…

How You Know It’s a Rigged Game

Several stock trading platforms have placed restrictions on the purchase of GameStop shares (and others getting caught up in similar Reddit-driven short squeezes). Remember, I’m talking about the biggest brokers in the world like Schwab/TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

On Wednesday, they announced limitations on margin buying for the shares. Basically, they said you could only buy as many shares as you had cash on hand. You couldn’t borrow money to buy the stock.

That’s a little heavy-handed, but it’s not too restrictive. You could still make an investment at least.

But yesterday morning, they decided that they know what’s best for their customers and restricted those stocks to sales only.

If you already owned them, you could sell them. If you wanted to buy them, well, too bad.

It literally took less than 48 hours for the institutions, politicians, and shills on CNBC and CNN to get together and rescue their billionaire friends from demise by retail investors.

And they did it by telling you what’s good for you. Who needs big government when we’ve already got big brokers and big media to decide what’s best?

But all that does is prove what all those folks on Reddit already thought (and what you already knew): The game is rigged, and it’s not designed for you to win. If you figure out a way to beat them at their own game, they’ll change the rules after the fact to make what you did illegal.

As I type this on Thursday morning, GameStop is down 31.55%. Two others caught up in the hype and restricted by brokers, AMC Theatres (NYSE: AMC) and BlackBerry (NYSE: BB), are down 50% and 40%, respectively.

But that’s not surprising to see shares falling when brokers have said you’re only allowed to sell them. There are no buyers to keep prices elevated anymore.

So we’ve got legitimate proof the game is rigged, and we saw the difference between “immediate action” for billionaire campaign donors versus “immediate action” for millions of Americans still unemployed.

Now we know who owns the markets and the brokers and the politicians.

So how do you win at a game that’s so stacked against you? How do you win when everyone from the president on down has been bought and paid for by massive corporations and multibillion-dollar donors? How can you be a retail investor when even the social justice warriors on CNBC are saying you’re the bad guy and should be punished?

You find a game where they don’t make the rules.

Back to Crypto

This probably sounds strange coming from me after my article about how silver is going to be a better investment than Bitcoin in 2021. But after watching the reaction this week, after watching the most powerful people in the world collude to shut out the little guys because we’re not supposed to beat them, I’m certain that the only way to beat them at their game is to refuse to play.

But when you’re playing with their currency, you’ve got to play by their rules, no matter how arbitrary and inconsistent they are.

And if even Robinhood (allegedly a company seeking to deliver power to the people) has the hedge funds’ backs before yours, the only game you can play that they don’t control is crypto.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on the industry, but I do believe it’s here to stay. I also believe that trying to pick a winning coin is a fool’s errand; they’re all the same.

The Only Way to Survive in This Market

Ex-Wall Street banker Jason Williams here. And you’re right about these markets: A LOT of money will be lost. But here’s the thing — that money is NOT going to disappear. Instead, it’s going to be snapped up by financial insiders who know how to weather the storm.

I know that’s going to tick off a whole bunch of crypto fans, but it’s true. Bitcoin is the granddaddy. Ethereum is the Burger King to its McDonald’s. The others are Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Hardees, In-N-Out, etc.

The reason for investing in them is the same for one as it is for all the rest — they’re decentralized assets that aren’t controlled by a sovereign government (that’s bought and paid for by billionaires).

Now, normally, you’d think gold. It’s not a fiat currency. It’s not controlled by governments, so to speak, but it’s also not digital — that’s something keeping young investors from becoming gold bugs.

They’d rather buy a currency you can easily carry with you wherever, and access from wherever, whenever you want to access it. And that’s cryptocurrencies in a nutshell.

Now, I still think silver has given us a setup for bigger short-term profits. But when you’ve got proof that the market is being manipulated from above, it’s tough to really put your faith in anything trading on it.

And, speaking candidly, silver might end up being something pushed on r/wallstreetbets too. Miners get heavily shorted, and the MO for this group is to look for things you can buy a lot of with a little cash.

With silver prices where they are, you can buy a lot more ounces of it for a few grand than you can buy of gold.

And with over 3 million people on the board (for comparison, Goldman Sachs has about 3 million customers), they could easily pick a silver stock or other silver play and drive it to the moon as well.

And let’s be honest, if they wanted to, they could make a concerted effort to drive Bitcoin and other cryptos up dramatically too.

With so many of them getting restricted by their favorite broker — Robinhood — they’re probably more than a little fed up with the oligarchy. I could see a lot of them closing out their YOLO positions in GameStop and moving those funds right over to cryptos.

So if you want to potentially catch the next Reddit rally, and you want a way to win at a rigged game, crypto might just be your best bet.

At least you won’t have to play a game where the rules are changed daily to make sure the overlords come out on top.

Note; The information provided should note be used as an investment guide. Do enough research before making investments and you should invest what you can afford to loose all!