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To the level best of our rickmama team, we make sure to bring you 100% amproved e-books of relevant content, jobs and softwares which can be used to improve on your daily life style, the books are only available for those with smart phones, tablets or computers, less than ten megabytes space on your gadget and then an email which you will use to download the book after your payment verifications is confirmed.

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Over 150% gains

Are you a man or a woman experiencing hair loss and want to rejuvenate it quickly, join the “Hair rejuvenator program”. It involves all the nutrients that you need to include on your meals to heal your baldness naturally. This prevents solutions that don’t work out well and results in other infections.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Want to work from home for full or part time hours, this is big opportunity meeting the right book where you will discover all the strategies of earning from varous companies listed inside which are ready to employ you for different tasks you complete. Copywriting, affiliate and many other skills.

Only at $20 $17 and a 60days money back guarantee if you don’t get any job or you withdraw your interest with in those days.

This is the right book from where you can learn how to train your dogs for security businesses.

The Ultimate Cabin Crew Interview Guide

This will equip you with knowledge in preparation for your flight attendants’ interview.
Pass your cabin crew interview and get your dream job. Fast and organised answer planning strategy to save you time for research. It is appleid to any airline across all the continents meet them when you access the book and get the opportunity of working with them. Written by experienced airline crew and HR personnel.

Get it at $9.95 only

Available support and guidance in any misunderstood part of the book, Then a 60 days guarantee

Niche Marketing Kit

Are you a webmaster, Youtuber or any other thing that relies on traffic. It is today the very day not to leave your hands on the biggest and best internet marketing complete toolkit ever released by John Thornhill.

All what you need to know about,

Affiliate marketing

Video marketing

website traffic

Social media

Essential marketing

And various bonuses on each category.

With all that, you never worry about the products you need in order succeed online for a very long time.

You really need to take a merit on this once in lifetime Niche marketing kit blowout.

Costs only $497 $19.95 works when you use “bigdiscount” coupon.

What acrazy discount offered towards changing your life after accessing your kit that is even 30 days money back guaranteed.

Gold The Precious Metal.

A very interesting e-book with content that will teach you everything on a gold business.

Factors driving the gold business

How much money you need to get started.

Percentage purities of gold and how to avoid fake product.

Where to get actual buyers and sellers.

Only at $50 $37 and then a 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with book in that period.

Digital Entrepreneur
Bootcamp (DEB)

This is the perfect e-book/software that you need most to do with increasing sales of your online business. Easily creat your sales’ funnel with guidance from willing experts ready to equip you with all ideas necessary to scale your business.

Some of the modules include;

Products with high profit potential

How to choose trending niche for your products

Advertising and communication methods.

Best way to PLR as paid products.

Make sure not leave with out giving a trial to this DEB if you really dream of success in your life.

The Travel Hacker’s Toolkit

This helps in
documentating and
tracking your travels,
discovering tips of earning
free airfare and accommodation
regardless of what you are.

Explore the world like never before

For 14 days free trial and then
Only @ $12/month
And  @ $99/year

Local Trader Copier

This is a highly trusted special software for Meta Trader Platform which helps ratail Forex traders and account Managers duplicate trading positions between multiple, accounts running on the same computer so they won’t need to repeat the same trade operations on each MT4 platform Individually.

This implies that one can trade on multiple Meta trader 4 accounts simultaneously, mirror the trades of any trading to your friend and family accounts, creat investment portfolios of many MT4 accounts, remove risk of unregulated forex brokers, increases winning chances and becomes independent account manager immediately without the need to sign any contracts.

Power Of Visualisation

The secrete blue print reveals how to use the power of your mind to design your lifestyle. In that for those who have not known how their imagination power can help them make a bright future and overcome all the obstacles to their in their way to success, this is a unique ultimate guide for you.

A few of the topics inside are;

7 habbits tha will super charges your Visualisation practise

The little known secrete about your mind and how you can use it to your advantage.

The ridiculus myths and misconception about Visualisation that prevent people from taking advantage of it.

3 Scientifically proven studies that confirm Visualisation really works.

Forex Trendy

Top forex winning tips for all beginners and professional traders.
It’s time to stop loosing trades and increase your winning chances by simply trend

How it works.

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading uncertain market periods instead, pick the best trending pair at the current time.

No indicators issued but trend is determined by price action.

It quickly scans 34 forex pairs on all the monthly and anaylises the charts for you every second which in this way will give you the best trading pair and time frame at any time you want.

Only at $37 check the this software to join thousands of happy clients who have been helped to achieve their goals in forex trading.

Computer Repair Manual

Don’t waste money again for your computer repair and maintenance
This book guides you on how to do it all by your self. Its simple and cheap at $50 $27 as per now.


Guides on how
to loose weight with
out sacrificing your
favourite foods
and wasting time
and money for
gym memberships and solutions do not workout.

Only @ $50  $37


For +18 years only.

Want to join thousands of people who long time started earning from the Bear/wine they make from the comfort of their homes. This guide will take you through all tricks that will help you to establish your wine business perfectly and your customers will love enjoying it concurrently.
At $37 only with 60 days money back guarantee.

Saffron planting In Greenhouse

Learn how you can grow your fruits, flowers, vegetables, bulbs and so on in a Greenhouse.

Table of content of this e-book includes

Preparing a Greenhouse say the the environment inside, facilities, Aeration.

Silvering the bulbs

Stack storage

The end of storage and start the greenhouse

Transfer the bulbs to the greenhouse

Plant germination

Flowering the bulbs

Return the bulbs to the ground

Land irrigation

Foliar application

Stop growth of saffron bulbs and digging them out from the ground

Check the book, its user ability with good interface at only $49.99


Helps you with all the secrets of winning Gemini man’s heart. Ann kovach is Areal person, an astrologer and relationship phycologist committed to save or reunite problematic relationships. She is praised by thousands of women across the globe who have used it to save there relationships. Only $37 can save your life.

Make Him Worship You

For +18 years only.

He kissed me like I was like his sister and I knew I was a lone again.

I knew I would never stopped being alone in the first place and may be I never would just.

Just in few weeks, he had been chasing me like a hunter and I was tge prize, he was searching for his entire life.

You are so beatiful, he would text me out from no where at any time.

Asmile would bloom me on my face.

Check for more amazing stories to make him yours alone.