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This is a leading provider of international payment systems across all the continents and supports a wide range of currencies.

Instant sending and receiving of your money from any of your digital market places.

Shop online and withdraw money using payoneer card and enjoy the 4% discount offered on payments for VAT.

Simplify your payments and earn $25 signup bonus.


This is the leading company in providing cloud based mining solutions that target for 150% ROI

Free HST ethereum tokens depending your chosen plan.

High interests with Decentralised Finance (DEFI) mining pools and 6% discount offered on every hashpower purchased using the coupon code NEW2021, free hashrate for five days after signup.


This is company that has always been there for us in our best quality video animations.

We confirmed its claim to be an increadable, reputable leading video services to sell out with no need of expensive tools.

Create your logos like a pro with viddyoze, the worlds’ leading 3D animation platform.


The company has got meticore healthy product for any body interested in gaining his or her dream weight.

Don’t continuously suffer with your obesity conditions when meticore is available and can be accessible from any where around the world.

It is amproved by the responsible companies in USA, trusted and recommended by thousands of people including some of the rickmama team who have already used the products.

Trigger your metabolism using meticore product.


This company produces Tress Anew solution responsible for the new style of your hair.

Most women say that their hair have increased in thickness, volume, length and they can do any thing they want in styling it because of Tress Anew.

Website routers

Most rickmama partners reveal that it is the routers who have made them unique websites for their niches.

They have a lot of services provided freely and some at fair cost which can really help you to successfully set up and earn highly from your website.