Rickmama- Charity


Rickmama- charity is a Rickmama Innovations’ program aimed at connecting people who need help to those who are willing to give out support.

We describe people who need help as those who reach us to ask for it or to our will we give out help as it is required conditionally.

And these could be children especially those with out help from any one.

Pregnant mothers, lame and the sick who seek for emergency help.

Donating is a good spirit recovery behavior because it involves sharing of prosperity, courage and unity among the parties. 

The most important of all is “LOVE” an essential component of faith or belief in GOD who tells us to share love with out discrimination and this is why Rickmama- Charity comes in to figure out ways of helping any body that wishes to be lifted regardless of anything.

Rickmama feels so good and more strengthened by giving 10% of sales made from ebooks and softwares done on every month basis, that is what we can also afford and any body else who is capable of what he or she feels giving out to Rickmama-Charity is highly blessed for building what glorifies the name of his Highness.

1. Clothing

These can be men’s, women’s and children’s clothes of any kind apart from the old inwears.

2. Shoes, shoe Polish, brush, socks and bags of any type and size are also embrassed.

3. Money

This is easiest formula for those who are far away from our stores and wish to reach their contributions, we accept amounts ranging from $(5-1000) which can be paid once in a year or on every month basis. We support local method like Mobile money, then PayPal and Bitcoin, Litcoin, Solaba for instant transactions.

4. Shelter.

Beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows are the only ones accepted however if you have a free house, we have people who are ready to occupy it thank you.

6. Food Supplies.

We only accept dry and fresh food but not the ready made one.

Flour, beans, water, sugar and salt are major ones we want.

7. Hygiene Essentials.

Tooth paste, tooth brush, pads and tampons, Band Aids, Deodorants, Shower gel, shampoo conditioners. Sport items. Balls, Nets, bikes and helmets of type of the games.

8. Stationery Items

Books, calculators, computers, pens, chalk, pencils, markers, white papers, glue, envelopes, staplers, punching machines, 

Congratulations to Rickmama- Charity for helping over 1,500 people so far irrespective of the hardships we meet a long the way but we have managed doing it the level best.

The company is still expanding and would wish to extend its services to every body in need.

We thank companies and individuals who have supported the Charity, may the Almighty bless you more for helping the needy.

We are soon publishing names of those who have contributed for recognition.

If you have not yet, there are two ways in which you can render your help to the charity.

One is by issuing any of the items stated above and the second is by visiting Rickmama- Ebooks and softwares or Rickmama- Health Solutions pages and buy atleast one item. Rickmama has always given 15% of sales made to the charity program.

Still if you want help, you will have to call or email us on the contacts given bellow to describe the kind of help you want. We shall let you know whether it can be handled or not in few minutes time following our terms and conditions.


Help Help Help Help Help Help.


Mobile money

(+256) 777-638 816









“Nice stay and Blessings”.