Best cryptocurrencies where to invest now.

Top cryptocurrencies that are likely to bring you high ROI.

Basing on the current market capitalisation, circulating supply, and the past performance, the following are crypto assets that may make you enjoy the space. 


This is the father if all cryptocurrencies created in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. People have developed trust in crytpo business because of this bictoin which up to now has lead to the continuous development of new cryptocurrencies.

The coin was mainly created to simplify the international mode of transactions which seemed to be expensive slow worldwide and then later came to an asset valued almost like Gold and always threatened to replace USD. 

Bitcoin shortened as BTC started at $0.0008 in 2009, $0.08 in 2010 made a change of 100%, in 2011 it crossed $1 change of 250%, 2014 it went up to above $770.44 percentage change of 50,00%, 2017 was another year of Bitcoin holders joy as it slightly passed $20,000 making gains of 1,200% from there it decreases and the whole year of 2018- 2019 the coin traded at less than $10,000. This was believed to be the effect of Covid-19 but the focused traders made more investments. Its on 7th of August 2020 when it picked up to trade above $10,000 until it reached $64,899 that is still the all time high price since on Wednesday 14 of the year 2021 and it made gains of 61,700%. Currently the price of Bitcoin is over $41,000 with 19 million circulating coins which makes a market capitalisation of 802.7 billion


This is the second largest decentralised crypto currency network that is extended to do more than just being a digital money. It is let to be in flexible amounts, secured by cryptography without any central control. 

The coin was created in 2015 by a younger programmer named Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum is somehow costly because of its continuous wide application in various activities like building of dapps and NFTs that which causes it to be highly demanded by developers

The coin started at $0.43 and in three years had made all high time gains of 13,800% witnessed on Sunday 14 January 2018. Almost within three months the coin came down to $384.62 then in another month it rose to $812 observed on 6 may 2018 from where it traded below not until January 31 2021 when it began experiencing only all high time prices up to the present one $4384.43 (414,000%)

Current coin’s market data

Market capitalisation – $335.6 billion

Circulating Supply – $117.7 billion

Price – between $1750 – $3940


This a blockchain network launched recently in April 2021 at $0.83. It is believed to be a number one competitor of Ethereum with a unique feature of 50,000 possible transactions that can be made per second makes it the cheapest and flexible of all cryptocurrencies to use.

It crossed its all time high price of $55.91 (6,600%) on Wed 19/May/2021. Three months down the road, Solana was still trading bellow $55.91 and then skyrocketed to its present all time high value of 214.96 (25,700%) 

Currently it is trading between $120-$140 at a circulating supply of $297.3 million and a market capitalisation of 37.8 billion.


This is yet another good digital currency that is likely to fly you to the moon.

The official website describes it as an open source of peer-to-peer digital currency favoured by Shiba Inus worldwide.

It was jokingly created in late 2013 by the two software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus who made it in abundance unlike bitcoin that scarcely exists.

Initially the coin started at $0.00391 and has experienced major all time high prices of $0.0116(290%) seen on Monday January 15th of 2018 and the one considered now is $0.74(188.5K%) seen on Saturday may 8th of 2021 at the time of writing, dogecoin is trading at $0.21, circulating supply of 131.4 billion and then a market capitalisation of 27.4 billion.

This a proof-of-stake network claiming to have been founded first on a peer review research and developed through evidence based on methods that are secured and sustainable enough to support decentralized applications and NFT technologies.
It was founded by Hoskinson who is one of the Ethereum co- founders.

ADA is the native cryptocurrency named after Lovelace ADA a computer programmer and visionaries can buy, sell, send, receive and stake.

 ADA was launched in October 2017 at $0.0174 and the following have been its all time high prices

$1.17 (6600)% – 5/Jan/2017

$1.33 (7500)% – 28/ Feb/2018

$2.03 (11600)% – 18/may/2021$3.10

(27800)% – 2/sept/ 2021 currently considered one .

Also at the time of writing, 

Market capitalisation – 72.3 billion.

Circulating supply- 32.0 billion

Price now – $2.25

This is greatly known for its decentralized lending and borrowing of cryptocurrency based on smart contract protocol.

 Lenders deposit in the aave pools and the capable borrowers will proceed.

Aave (ghost) is a governance token in that its performance and structure are all determined by the holders.

Aave began its operations in 2017  headed by an Entrepreneur also a programmer called Stan Kulechov who later rebranded from ETHLEND with an aim of extending their services.

Past performance.

Aave token initially was at 0.52 and based on the all time high prices witnessed each after the other in short periods I has done it tremendously.

$53.25(10,200%) –  9/Oct/2020

$197.66-(38,200%) – 19/Jan/2021

$313.09- (60,500%) – 31/Jan/2021

$529.90- (102,500%) – 13/Jan/2021

$595.11- (115100%) – 15/may/2021

$670.00- (1297,00%) – 18/may/2021- currently considered.

At the time of writing, Aave price is  $293.36, circulating supply is 13.2 million and market capitalisation is 3.9 billion.