Coinbase exchange lists shiba inu.

Coinbase clients are happy for introducing shiba inu to the exchange.

It is this very month of September 2021 when coinbase allowed its clients to start receiving, receiving, holding and trading of shiba inu.Shiba Inu, the dogecoin killer heading to the moon.

This was after the several requests from clients wanting to trade shiba inu with other various assets on the exchange.

Coinbase report “starting from today sep 16th of 2021, shiba inu is available on and in the coinbase andriod ios apps coinbase customers can now send, receive and store SHIB in most supported regions with certain exceptions indicated in each asset”.

Trading for these assets is also supported on coinbase pro.

1.What is coinbase?

2.What is shiba inu?

Coinbase ranks among the best trusted world’s crypto exchanges

If not the first, it is the second following Binance exchange and the reverse can be true.

It is supported by millions of people because of its simplicity, high liquidity, good user interface but however the platform has a varying trading fees depending on the market network of a particular asset. So check the charges before doing any thing with the platform.

After forty eight hours of listing the meme coin on coinbase, its price rose by over 30% and as we talk now the price is ….

 Want to know more about Shiba inu (SHIB).

Official website, shiba, is a decentralized meme token that evolve into a vibrant ecosystem.

It has done things differently starting with in a supply of 1 quadrillion, the founder Ryosh, located 50% in Unswap, then burned the other half to Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin for safe keeping, 

To help the devasting spread of Covid-19 in India, VB has utilized the very meme coin SHIB in the largest donation in history. And he burned 40% of its total supply to a dead wallet ensuring the long term success and stability. Ryosh words ” Thank you to the woofmeistor for enabling true decentralization. 

Also can defined as an ethereum based meme coin created in August 2020 by unknown group named Ryosh.

The dogecoin killer quickly gained in value due to Elon Musk’s and VB engagement. There tweets about the coin played an important role of bringing more investors in SHIB

Coinmarketcap ” Shiba inu aimed to be the ethereum based counter part to dogecoin srypt based mining algorithm. Shiba and the SHIB token are part of a swarm of dog themed crypt I currencies , including Dogecoin, Jindi inu, Alaska Inu, and Alaskan Malamute. These lesser valued tokens brought investors who missed the dogecoin pump from .0002 to nearly 0.75 USD.

Current shiba inu’s market data

Price           $0.0000072

Supply.       $395 trillion

Market cap $3 billion

Official website

Where else to buy shiba inu?

You can also find it on Uniswap, trustwallet and Binance.

What is the best time to invest?

The fact to be told is that there is no one who knows the real time to invest but most have opted to apply dollar cost averaging as the best idea

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