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Alright we shall talk about right jobs you can start with involving other sites that to help you.

My self have been an online writer for the past almost six years now. I believe writing is my passionate and I have made a living from it since I came to understand that it is possible and some how easy to turn it into a job, You know, right from my high school, I loved reading, writing, telling poems and stories which I never understood that it is my highly paying future job. I can not tell every thing past but my big thanks goes to the almighty for anointing me with such writing secretes. 

 Now sharing with you some of the best paying online writing jobs which you can also start today to improve your living style, the best thing with them is that you can work from the comfort of your deserved place lets say home while enjoying your family.

Table of contents

  1. Own blog
  2. Guest blogging
  3. Editing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Ebooks and courses
  6.  Reviews and surveys.
  7. Affiliate Marketing

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  • Own blog

You need to get started with your own blog, How to do this?, find sites like wordpress and bluehost where you can create own blog. Choose your right plan and get a theme. Then you will need to create unique page (about, contact, privacy policy and disclaimer) which can smoothly drive visitors on your site.

There are very many ways in which you can monetise your site but mostly google AdSense takes the first place. You can browse for the terms and conditions of getting qualified to google Adsense.

Optimize your site for SEO or you can use paid ads to get more visitors which can turn to be customers to your listed products.

  • Guest blogging.

This what most people including my self have practised. Guest blogging simply means writing for other sites that are willing to pay you accordingly. It can be based on the traffic your blog has generated on their site.  

Examples of the sites where you can find such jobs are,,,,, problogger,,, and among other.

  • Editing.

This involves revising, correcting, grammar, spelling, punctuation, continuity, characters, and any other thing necessary to ensure that the visitors are fully satisfied with the content they come across on your site.

There is nothing that can really turn some ones’ mind like reading a sentence not understandable because of the grammar faults and this can result into your site being sabotaged.

  • Email marketing.

This is a crucial work for any online established business which relies on an email list that majorly increase customers’ interactions.

So as an online writer, your responsibility here is writing sales funnel email alerts to inform subscribers about your latest products, improvements, discounts and other deals.

  • Ebooks and courses.

Knowing how to write provides many opportunities of making money, I have always said that a writer knowing what to do can never be starved any how.

Back to the point. You can write ebooks that are printable or not and start selling them any where as all the local and world wide markets are available for you.

Traffic from social media, your blog are all there for you to make sales. But a trick you should use here is finding topics of public interests say it can be health line, travel, education, politics mostly, love stories to mention but a few.

  • Reviews and surveys.

Sites like capterra have always paid people for simple tasks they complete. 

It gifts up to twenty dollars for any good quality review you write on any software which allows more customers to buy them. The more reviews you write on different softwares the bigger amounts money you are likely to be given. Note terms and conditions are followed for your review to be published.

Say you have to be on both sides of a software being bad or good, Avoid grammar faults to appear any where in your review, you do not have to compare softwares and you can check for more from the site if you have decided now to start working with them.

. Affiliate marketing

As I have told you already, many people have become millionaires through affilliate marketing programs which is all about promoting the advertisèrs’ products and earn commissions on any sales resulting from leads that are generated by your traffic links.

How to get started?, sign up with any company, search for products you think is possible to sale or suits your market capabalities, then generate a link which you can start sharing.

Even with out a website still you can use the existing traffic sources where you can promote your links.

Other jobs of earning money online.

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