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Discovery That Reveals Hidden Secrets On How To Vanquish Ageing.

This is really a very big opportunity to everyone facing aging problems in that a solution to all that now exists with out your knowledge may be.

Its has helped thousands of happy users across all the continents and the specialist behind this effort is named Dr. Anil Bajnath who is believed to have spent most of his time on frontiers of anti aging.

According to this doctor, “Ageing is just a biological problem that can be solved like any other one and this should not worry you any more”.

Report made from angel reserve on the same doctor and published on 17th of september 2021 at 17: 47 says that Anil’s research has helped and continuously is helping many Americans all across the country gain more energy, restore their mental clarity, and slim down to a health sexy weight of which this is any one’s dream.

Amazingly, the specialist comforts any body not to even a single time worry because of ageing which is just a calender program that doesn’t mean your body becomes defected as you grow.

This has brought hopes to peoples’ lives who want to look good and increase on their lifespan.

More about our doctor,

Dr Anil Bajnah, MD is a board certified physician, medical professor, published author and sought after expert on the science of growing older, He is also a founder of Human Optimization Institute, where he and the team combine advanced testing nutrition and functional medicine imbalances that cause diseases.

He describes more about why your diets never work, always feel tired and down in the dumps, your skin sags and wrinkles.

Why no matter what you do you can’t help and when looking in the mirror question your self why you Iook so old.

He has shared the cause of all this and then in his discovery and most important himself developed a solution that can be used to clean the bad cells out of the body for good. This turns the clock including slowing and reversing all the signs and symptom of ageing on your cellular levels of which you really need in your life longevity measure.

Feeling more energitic that enables you to do what you like.

 Positive mind, healthier and excited about the future, this sounds unbelievable when it’s real because many people have been told by what they call their specialists that ageing is unavoidable.

But this Doctor Anil seems to have proven them wrong based on his idea that has helped many to solve the ageing problem.

Quickly get relieved from what has been sabotaging your health with the help of his idea or solution.

The true cause of ageing

This all rotates around the body cell formation.

The doctor tells us about the mitosis which is the process that the body cell goes under division, or call it cell duplication. This includes four stages prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The process occurs in the bone marrow and skin cell to replace the damaged cells and majorly happens to support growth of the body.

This process starts right from the young age and continues till there are billions in number of cells at an adult stage. Time comes when this mitosis stop for some cells and they are said to have reached the hyflicks limit at the fifth division.

So these cell that can nolonger divide are known are calle Zombie cells which get inside the body in a suspended animation and this bad according to doctors’ reports. 

They start to expel out toxic proteins like chemokines and cytokines which all these damage health nearby cells and unleash a cascade of harmful inflammations into normal tissue.

This leads to a multiplied number of zombie cells which is termed as toxic domine effect. That is when a zombie cell comes into contact with the a health cell, the normal cell also becomes a zombie cell. This is the determining factor of the faster ageing with multiplied zombie cells in the body.

They are the ones responsible for breaking down the body as one grows old.

Zombie cells in the pancreas and liver can cause un balanced blood sugars and insulin resistance that may result into an over weight body.

Watch the video above to discover much about what the doctor tells on zombie cells.

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