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Check out the most trusted and regulated sites through which you can earn free money/crypto in different ways like free sign ups and referral bonuses, airdrops, shopping rewards, credit cards, interests, watching educative videos, playing video games, completing surveys and gambling/betting.

Earning online money nowadays is as simple as taking water so longer you own a smart phone, tablet or a computer and have access to internet, you can really make it achieving your goal however cyber thieves are also looking for money in same way, so you need to be keen enough while excuting this!


This is one of the world’s most trusted crypto trading and exchange sites with a variety of crypto currencies to trade or stake. It can earn you money simply by participating in its referral program and watching crypto educative videos.

You will have to copy and share your referral link to friends on social media and if one signs up and make a deposit with in 180 days using your referral link. Both of you shall be deposited $10 worth of bitcoins to your bitcoin wallets.

They don’t limit the number of members you can bring but they limit referral bonuses not to exceed $600.

 Paid ads which can lead to referral bonuses exceed $600 can cause your link to be deactivated and even possible to deny you payments.

Eligibility, you must all have completed verification levels.

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 This a South African founded crypto company registered and operates almost every where in the world. Once you are fully verified, you access the instant buying, selling, sending, receiving of bitcoins, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litcoin, ripple and USDC. The company has just of recent introduced bitcoin, ethereum, and USDC saving wallets which can earn you interest pa of 4%, 4% and 7.6% on bitcoins ,ethereum and USDC respectively depending on the market conditions. Also from the reward panel you can copy and share your referral link to your friends on media or any other way, if a friend signs up and makes a deposit of 0.002 bitcoins with in 30 days, Both of you will earn 0.001 bitcoins deposited to your bitcoin wallet.

The site doesn’t limit the number of people you refer, the more clients through your link and completed payments as required is the more you will earn.

Note; Members of higher account levels are not allowed to participate in this program.

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This is ranked as the site with the a highest crypto paying and reliable affiliate program suitable for every one like me and you regardless of our technological background on crypto space. The company offers a juicy lifetime passive income of 55% referral commission to any of its clients who brings a friend through his or her link. No need of initial investment and transactions are constant.

Note; You can’t earn the commission by referring your self and multi accounts are prohibited.


This is a very secure crypto trading and exchange platform regulated and operating in a number of countries.

Has got over 4 million users with no any report on customers’ funds loss.

Has a friendly interface locating a variety of of products such as spot trading, instant buy, CFD trading, mobile app, access to crypto backed loans and interests offered on staked assets.

Its referral program earns 30% referral commission and there is no limit to new members you can bring to the company through your referral link.

Withdrawals can be successfully  executed when you have completed all the identity verification levels.

Join now to be highly rewarded by staking your coins.


This is an innovative firm known for its first class services in cryptoccurrencies cloud mining. It has a hardware farm equiped with over 15,000 Asic miners GPU rigs located in Myanmar, and Kazakhstan. This helps them to solve complicated algorithmic mathematic problems in attempt to create new crypto blocks in the space where by they divide their shares to the clients who have connected gadgets say phones, tablets and computers to their related softwares.

The site mainly mines Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Zcash, Dash and Litecoin of which you have purchase hashpower to activate your mining rigs.

 Free money/crypto is earned through the following ways;

Discounts offered on hashpower. Usually 5%-6% when you purchase hashrate using bitcoin or ethereum.

High interests offered on DEFI mining usually 11.80%, 12.63% and 13.71% for Bitcoin, USDC and Ethereum respectively.

Second last the company gives Hashshiny Tokens (HST) which are freely mined for you and the daily output depends on your basic hashrate.

 And lastly there is a 10% lifetime referral commission offered to every client who brings new members to the company using his provided referral link.

The site is legit with easy usability.

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This a very secure lincensed and regulated digital fiat and crypto institution trusted by over two million people from 200 jurisdictions.

After complicating the advanced verification;

You can buy, send receive over 21 crypto assets and able to obtain loans against them in more than 40 fiat currencies.

Customers can also stake to earn a daily paid out interests on both the fiat and crypto currencies, Higher interest of +2% when you choose to be paid in form of Nexo tokens and upgrade to advanced loyalty programs by increasing your portfolio balance.

You can share your nexo provided referral link to any community where by if any body uses it to sign up and completes the payments of $100 or more with in 30days, both of you will earn $10 dollars deposited to your wallets.

Note; Accepts up to 100 first registrants through your link.

Obtaining a nexo card when you are a borrower can help you spend less and receive 2% cashback on every purchase.

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This is a highly rated investing company with its offices located in South Africa and United Kingdom. It operates almost in the whole world apart from a few countries.

It has got unique products in which you can invest for them to trade for you and these are the Crypto products like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, PaxGold, Top 10 bundle, Smart contract bundle, Payment bundle and USD Coin.

Others are the themes {Legal cannabis, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles, eSports and Gaming} which are yet to be introduced.

New saving USDC vualt where you can lock your investments targeting for higher ROI has been added.

Rebalancing always takes place on every first of the month.

Right from the beginning of creating an account, revix rewards points based on the actions you proceed doing relating to their directions, say signing up qualifies you a 5 points gift, fulfilling the verification process gets you more five points, your first investment offers you 10 points and on the next investment brings your other 5 points.

Referring a friend to from any community source to revix through your link earns you €15 once a friend deposits €25 and €10 rewarded to a friend also.

Note; From the above all the points can be redeemed into bitcoins and then withdrawn at your time!

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This an app which you can download from playstore and start earning ethereum tokens for every completed tasks like watching youtube videos, downloading other apps and carrying out surveys.

It pays a maximum of 500 ethereum tokens for every video that lasts 8 minutes and 34 seconds meaning that if your aim for watching is to earn, you can switch on to another one when the earning time collapses in search for more tokens.

You will have to click on the earn more icon in order to access more programs that can fetch you more tokens.


The app trully pays but its not a get rich quick scheme because the CEOS say that their main target is to appreciate each viewer with atleast $120 per year. So it can not be relied on as a job for your daily income. You can use it when its your relaxing time and feel like you want to watch and earn at the same time.

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