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A Story And Your Guide On Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain Technology.

A story and your guide on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

First of all before anything you need to know what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money which can be bought, sold and transferred between corresponding wallet addresses in countries authorised by the brokerage podiums and the process is encrypted by the technology referred to as blockchain. This records, secures and verifies all the transactions made at a specific time.

The system is legit but involves a lot of speculations and scams, this warns you to be very keen herein the crypto space in case you want to be part of it. 

A regular advice in trading crypto/fiat currencies and stocks is always that however much you are an expert trader, you need to invest what will not pain you in case of a loss, this is because in trading rules, the past drift does not determine the future market.

Alan’s story on Cryptocurrencies.

He says, Name

Personally I could hear of bitcoins losses, but the news mostly trend when the coin experience heavy bearish trends and people suffer losses of their funds. This happen in cities where agents’ offices are mutually located and fans who are thirsty to make huge ROI are convinced to invest anyhowly without understanding the logic in currencies’ trends

Late 2019 when I was adding friends to my facebook account, On adding a philipine lady Rebbeca Collins she immediately sent me an inviting message to their profitable company that trades and mines altcoins using there hardware machines to create more crypto-blocks that they share with their lovely clients.

 My eagerness to learn ways of making online money caused me to take action on her idea by clicking a referral luno link that she sent. I downloaded the luno app which I still use for crypto transactions and swapping having submitted all the required details and fully verified.

The lady further explained to me about how they can make a x10 ROI in 24hours. I was skeptical of this but badly wanted to prove their reality.

In my innocence, I gave out three quaters of my third salary from the new job I had just got and to see whether I can get a x10 ROI.

 Despite the delayed deposits to my luno native currency wallet, later deposits were reflected and I was able to buy bitcoins of + $100 in value which I had then to send to the lady’s provided wallet address and dearly promised a x10 ROI in the next twety four hours with no doubt.

The next morning I found an email saying that, Dear my name, you have received $1000 worth of bitcoins in your account and was thanked for investing with them plus given an option of whether to reinvest or withdraw. I emailed Rebbeca thanking for her trustworthiness and then opted to withdaw.

 Their reply to my query for withdrawing was ” Dear customer, to make a successful withdrawal, you need to send $50 to our engineering department to cater for maintenance, electricity and kyc fees. I felt very silmed and more fearful to have been stolen. I told them how I am not ready to pay $50 again even if I had it by that time. So I had to forget that ghost deal, however I did not give up on my cryptocurrencies research like most people do on experiencing such a first time treatment.

 I was strongly convinced by an other stranger man called Ray whom I met on Telegram, he told me every facts on crypto trading and mining and skills which cyber scammers use to hack accounts/sites but refused to  invest with him which I thought was his interest before he disappeared also.

Ray was really an expert but I contunuoisly rejected to trust him with my money due to my first experience with Rebbecca Collins.


With this, my $60 withdrawal process is still pending now.

They say that they give 120% and 200% interest for minimum investment of $50 and $5000 respectively in 24 hours and 140% interest, for min $500 given after two days.

 I was tempted to invest my $50 and in the next morning  $1000 bonus and $60 profits were indicated in my account, I could not withdraw. When I contacted them, they told me to pay $500 to clear for kyc which was not indicated anywhere in their terms and conditions. I also removed this from my mind.


More than 10 people I met on different medias witnessing on the assets and wealthy they aquired from trading options from the above platform which give a demo account to allow get trading confidentials. I used the account for some time and accumulated to +$100k. This gave me courage to invest to open areal account and invested +$400 and traded but losses were more than profits till no more was left on my account for withdrawal. I knew there was a loosing element which was due to lack of trading strategies.

Hashshiny and F2fooloption

Before dealing with expert-option, I had also invested in two platforms Hashshiny and F2fooloption with an aim that if one is fake the other one must be legit and indeed that is how it was.

Hashshiny that claims to be the world’s leading cloud mining platform proved me its legitimacy because of the several withdrawals I have conducted with it eversince. My capital was recovered and now am getting profits. The site mines the world’s most traded Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Decred and Zcash. Their interface is very friendly, They have good customer care, They provide discounts to all users whether new or old, They don’t ask for kyc fee, Their electricity and maintenance fee is somehow high.

 F2pooloption was too bad for me.

Their calculator that predicts high returns excites news users to join it. They have silver, gold, diamond and customer’s plans. I happened to choose a silver plan that requires $500 as a minimum investment. I could receive high daily payouts but was told that the withdrawal is after a period of three months which  I felt was not too long and relaxed my mind. By the end of the period , +$4000 had totalled up on my dashboard, I was very assured that all transactions are instant but when i tried to withdraw, the process pended and I was emailed that I have to pay more $800 to complete the withdrawal of +$4000 that totalled the daily profits I was getting up to the end of the 90days.

This shows what am having almost to $5000, my prayers everyday were wishes to make a succeful withdraw at the end of the plan and reverse was true.

When I contacted the company’s CEO on telegram and linkedin, He told me that is system is automated  and there is nothing they can change as they have no direct access to my funAsiI was immediately blocked from their contacts after crying to them for any possible help because I could not afford to pay $800 and this was not included anywhere in their terms and conditions. I was the first to write a review on trustpilot reporting their fake services. They threatened me with their orders that I should delete the review before they take me to the courts of law, this was followed by more than ten positive reviews praising their good services neutralising mine.

So I don’t know whether it was true that after paying this $800 I would have gotten my $4000, I can’t tell but be suspicious of it because still its rating is not favouring. (Ponzi)

I found this on BMF(beer money forum)  ticked as alegit site but new and early investors where already making more money with it.

The above are one of their features plus a sharp graph that could show a continous growth of their fake miny token.

This was avery good ponzi scheme you could not avoid joining because of their enticing presentations on telegram and youtube channels. If you watched these videos, Video, Video x Video xx and others presented by freelancers who had started promoting it through its referral program that gave 100% referral commision. Trust me if you had come across their concept, you could not accept to be left behind to miss such a wealthy resource program.

I also withdrew some of the profits to clear my sister’s tution fee and because of this through my referral link I joined a friend paul into the system proving him with succeful withdraw I made lastly. We truly trusted the process and my self made a lot from commissions and capital in that a plan of starting Miny East Africa campony to mainly promote miny token through their juicy referral program came to our considerations. This was a luck that we wanted to take a merit of and improve our living standards.

It wasn’t too long when paul made a withdrawal request of his accumulated gains, He was told that the process will take 14 days to complete auctioning his assets which then will be reflected to his destination wallet address, we patiently waited and keenly followed their directives till the time collapsed and no change was seen with in the dashboard. They kept on confusing us untill I decided to contact BMF. BMF apologised we are sorry the company miny turned to be a scam.

Nothing could be done to trace the company and its ceo Thormus Norberg.

So that is how we lost funds, all our ambitions were turned down, my colleague was now against me because I was the lead to his lost money which was true but had earlier briefed him on the risks involved. 

In total, right from the Rebbeca collins I lost over $5,000 that mean’t alot to me regarding to what was my financial status by that time.

With all the above experience buying and holding strategy is revealed by the majority as the best method, You can buy and hold your assets for a couple of months and years targeting for your desired ROI. 

Join to acess your fittnes goagoals today.
Join to acess your fitness toals today.

Tips on spotting a scam site.

Considering the experience above, it is important to note the following tips when you want to invest in digital assets from any site.

  • God first before anything. You should pray to God for your fortunes, If the site’s interface looks to be so attractive, most probably is a scam.
  • Check the sites reviews from other sites like scamadviser, trustpilot and etcetera, low rating may indicate its low popularity and high rating doesn’t gurantee the site’s legitimacy, this urges you to do beyond that one, four stars and +1000 positive reviews, zero fake and scams are the best to consider.
  • Consider its durability location and high alexandra traffic
  • Domain names, certificates and addresses must be valid.
  • Customer care, don’t be too nervous and always act  profesionally when communicating to them, be very keen with their good languages they use to persuade you. Stay away from sites that promise heaven and earth.
  •  Never never even a single time bather buying a product from a site which you haven’t done yet your researh about or feel unconfortable with it.
  • If you suspect any fruad, block the site and cut off all the communication methods to them.

Make sure of the safe use of your money to let you to the next step of living styles.

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