Nexo Lists Dogecoin After Few Days Of Launching Its Referral Program.

Nexonians frequently urged for the above two programs to be considered on Nexo platform as another way of motivating nexo customers. With in this month of july 2021 when the programs where finally confirmed. Nexo now allows its clients to use their referral links invite their friends to join nexo community and both can earn up to $10btc or in nexo tokens if a friend invests in any asset worth $100 plus and holds the assets for atleast thirty days. Grab your self Nexo account to be rewarded $10 following the above criteria

This was followed by listing of most peoples’ loved coin call it Dogecoin. Dogecoin is now available on Nexo and its willing cleints can buy, hold, swap it and borrow fiat currencies against this meme crypto currency.

Holding dogecoin in your portifolio earns you 3% which is paid out daily but this is only for those in Gold and Platinum loyalty tiers. Basic and silver loyalty members earn only 2% as of now. Note: Dogecoin withdraws and deposits are currently not available on Nexo exhange as this will be soon solved.

Little Dogecoin History

Dogecoin was created in late December 2013, that is four years after the invention of Bitcoin by an anynomous group of men named Satosh Nakamoto. For Dogecoin was put in existance by two software engineers Billy Markus in and Jackson Palmer in who did it joklingly in need to find out a new way of payment system and Bitcoin alternative.

Unlike Bitcoin’s scarcity, dogecoin exists abundantly with out known maximum suppply and its understood that 10,000 new coins are mined in every single minute. Dogecoin currently trades above 20 cents, $26 billion as market capitalisation, $1 billion trading volume and estimated circulating supply of 130.6 billion. Coinbase report

Peoples’ opinions on Dogecoin

When you speculate on some thing like Dogecoin, that is no difference than going to Las Vegas and putting your money on either Red or Black CNBC.

Dogecoin community looks to get on AMC’s Radar FXEMPIRE

Meme coin is not a speculative asset but rather is “Money” Forbes.

All the factors above not forgeting the Elon Musk’s usual comments about his love for crypto Ethereum and Dogecoin in particular which dominate his portifolio are believed to be the strong determinants of dogecoin’s price and the entire crypto markets.

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