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Nexo legitimacy.

Explore here whether Nexo is good or bad before trusting it with your sums of money.

By defination is a crypto and fiat asset managing podium. It is more of borrowing and lending clients fiat currencies against crypto assets instead of selling.

About Nexo

Nexo was founded in 2017 by these  Bulgarian men Kosta Kantchev in, Kiril Nikoliv in, Antoni Trenchev in and Tonia Z in.

It is a fully registered platform by various regulatory financial institutions to operate in over 200 countries. Its linceses and registrations.

Nexo offers interest of up to 12% which is paid out daily on assets held in any account.

Photo edited from rmn studios. Grow your investments with Nexo, the worlds’ leading and regulated financial institution.

There are over 30 assets that nexo deal with Including, Bitcoin(btc), Ethereum(ether), Litecoin(ltc), Ripple(xrp), Stellar Lumens(XLM), Chainlink(Link), Tronix(TRN), PAXG, EUR, USDT, USDC, PAX, DAI, HUSD, USD, EOS, BNB, EUR, GBP, BCH, Nexo Token and Dogecoin recently added

You can earn higher interest of +2% if you choose to be paid your daily profits in form of Nexo tokens and depending on your portfolio balance of nexo tokens is the loyalty program you get upgraded to and qualify responding interest + 2%

Some of Nexo reviews

Nexo being a registered and regulated digital asset management company with over than $370 millions insurance, it has got a high rating worldwide through various sites like trustpilot rating is 84% exellent and 5% bad and scamadviser rating it at 100% legit.

“Nexo is one of the best platforms in existence today, professionalism, transparency and attention to all of its clients is their hallmark. For those who want to approach crypto for more experience, high earnings and reality”, Alfaso Albano from Italy said.

Lobotom from Netherlands says “Nexo unrivalled in crypto and interest on your assets. I am not a long time member of nexo but it is a place where you can generate good income from interest given to your assets. I trust them with some of my assets and it feels good to get more from your money than a normal savings account in my country”.

Jane from the United States says ” Excellent rates and product clear interface and the best way of banking.

And plus five thousand two hundred positive reviews collected.

However to your sole discretion, you are encouraged to do beyond the above reviews in research before investing.

Nexo accessibility and security level.

Nexo can be accessed from its website and mobile application from play store and app store. To ensure safe banking of its clients’ assets, nexo enables the use of 2FA auth, face identification, sms and email verification codes/links. This to ensure that you are the exact one controlling your account.

Nexo also partners with Bitgo, Ledger, BCBgroup, Paxos, Blochain, Circle, Terra brink, Nomics among others which provide  powerful encryption to business accounts.

Nexo is amember of Bitcoin foundation, Crypto Valley, Swiss Finance Technology Association, Swiss FinTech, Global Finance, International Token standardisation Association and European FinTech Association, so all might be proving nexo’s trustworthiness. However it being a centralised financial institution, it has authority over your deposits and withdrawals.

Your eligibility for nexo services

It is just an email that you need to  create your self an account.

Clicking on the above link will display you a page to fill in your email and strong password. When the verify and a sign up buttons on the same page are activated, It shows your interest agreeing with their terms and conditions.

Further verification with a link sent to your email which redirects you to a completing puzzle page. This action logs into your account congratulations.

But then mind setting up a 2FA authentication to secure your account from hackers. Go to settings find where to enable 2FA auth click and paste the displayed secret key to add manually to a 2FA auth app which provides codes changing after every 30 seconds.

This is basic level, for advanced verification you have to upload your government provided Identification card like driving permit, National ID and Passport, This will enable you access all the features to your account once an Advanced verification is successfuly completed

Nexo major competitors and comparisons

Celsius earns its new users $40 in btc on their first $400 transactions.

Blockfi earns its news clients up to $250 with a start of $25. earns its new customers $25 for signing up.

Whereas nexo does not think of it giving sign up bonuses to its new clients 

Nexo up and down sides.

Nexo Token since its launch in early may 2018, it picked up in 2020 when it reached $0.74. The token made 2000% returns at a $4.05 point on wednesday 12th of may 2021.

And currently it trades between $1.5 and $1.7 at a market capitalisation of over $850 million, volume of $11.7 millions and 560 millions tokens in circulation.

The company is committed to keep clients satisfied with its greater returns and new innovations causing its token head to the moon. Nexo provides free monthly crypto withdrawal based on loyalty program and time.

Nexo card holders benefit in the following ways mentioned below

Where and how to obtain a nexo card.

Mind you this card is a mastercard not a visa card which can be applied for from the app. Simply download the app from google play store or app store and move to the page where you can submit your need for a card.

Invest with Nexo and make use of its card to enjoy its benefits

Other exchanges platforms where to find and trade Nexo token

Nexo being a huge and popular project aimed at effecting its values, mission and vision of disrupting the financial system bit by the other as they say. It is traded on over 10 exchanges that follow as bellow; Bitfinex, Bitmart, Huobi, Global, UniSwap, but nexo its self always recommends Huobi exchange.

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