#What to do in this Covid-19 lockdown that can still earn you +$1000.

The out break of the pandemic since last year 2020 has left very many people in tears as their businesses got destructed leaving them un- employed and others losing even their lives.

Work from home to avoid covid-19 spread risks.

Including me we are skeptical where the world is heading with this pandemic Covid -19.

It’s really a fortune to you who is there and you have not been affected by the deadly Corona virus.

You might have heard or seen by your self on how the virus tortures patients who report it with the following signs and symptoms including;

Coughing and Sneezing, General body weekness, Lack of apetite for both food and drinks, Difficulties in respiratory system, Severe head ache and among others as mentioned by the medical personels and the patients who have managed to recover though some have been called by God in the name of the Corona virus.

Take it as a blessing that you are still living because Corona serously kills, I think you have witnessed this in many countries across the world were by thousands lives of people perish every day due to the pandemic.

Regardless of where you are located, for the better of your life, family, country and world at large, you are advised to effectively do the following ;

  • Frequently wash your hands using clean water and soap or you can sanitize.
  • Mind much putting on your face mask (barokoa) whenever you are going to public places,
  • Keep social distance from the suspected people with the virus and those whom you don’t know,
  • keep atleast two metres away from any one,
  • Self isolate your self from other people if you suspect yourself to have been inffected with the virus and immediately call the near by Covid-19 task force,
  • Avoid visiting and visitors in homes, otherwise stay home if you don’t have relevant reason forcing you to go out to areas where you can acquire the virus and bring it to the family members.

The good thing is that the disease can be prevented, treated and you get completely healed and therefore if you are tested and found positive, feel calm because some people don’t die of Covid-19 when they have got it, They instead die of fear that the virus has caught them like the HIV story.

Boost your immune with the recommended sources of various minerals say Lemons, Oranges, Garlic, Onions plus following the other medical directives against the virus.

Now that your village/Town or country has been put on lockdown to avoid the massive spread of the Virus,
The question is (how are you making a living if you have not been on government payroll and most businesses has been closed?)

Alright lets have a look at some of the ways on how you can still earn a passive income while at home which is a good prevention measure on the spread of the Virus.

Quickly take an action on any one of the numbers 1,4,7,12,13,14.

In the comment section, you are required to share what you are going through to earn a living in this Covid-19 season so that your friend gets an idea on how he or she can also make it.

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