#Job creation and seeking.

Job creation (self employment) is my best alternative.

Which one that better suits your goal? Others say you have to be used first in seek for capital, he/she finishes one month, the next one follows, a year after the one ends when still is being used is used. But any way it also depends on who you are and the previllages you enjoy or promised at your work and what motivates you there.

You may as well bear any of these questions in your mind.

Continue reading to explore the answering secret today.

It is understood and very normal that in every sector what drives to success, is the self-resiliance and ability to find solutions for challanges faced daily depending on how you are organised. It is fine and a must for questions like why?, how?, who? what? and others to raise in. It is really good, I like it and if you are really determined you can not eat and sleep well when you haven’t yet found a couselling way or answer YES or yes and NO or no. At times if in a worse situation like poverty war as an example here, it can involve shedding of tears for the case of childrens, women and some men, Thus is just reducing on hunger that mighty be not even aquater solving the problem but stil atleast it shows a yearn for the next step in your life of which your body and the spirit can continuously demand if change in all ways tried out delays. 

In think you ever been told that knowdge is  fire and it burns, the more you grow and get to understand is the more you will find/know your self and that there are really classes that are above, am un comfortable in this class a must that I should upgrade because you will not like it being undermined in your area of work and many more that the heart will contend as follows

1.Why am I like this?- That is when you are may be poor/ bankrupt, not getting married or not achieving in any thing and you growing old, time is leaving you according to your set time limits.

2.Why this slavery?- Salary you are paid is not proptional to what you are doing. Working for extra hours then paid less you will remain under valued because of the inability to change your life stlyle.

3.Is this really what you want me to be my God?  You will cry to God in all spirit tangues and languages. God provides luck to those who were born with them and look for them. It is true that God favors only the caregeous ones and never helps any one that is not there for himself and therefore It meaningless and wastage of time to keep there waiting for luck and promoting idleness which is a chargeble offence in some nations.

 Never think of someone who is be-witching your progress there is nothing above God if you have faith and trust in him, it is a matter of time to meet your success from your efforts in any journey you are choosing to take because achieving has got no formular that it always the one to ne used in for some one to meet his goals.

And success is not to be mean’t in only one course taken or from where you are right now think of alternative relevant side hustles that can employ you besides your full time job. Think positively and think but not too much and never put your all eggs in one bucket.

I was answered most of the questions  my worries, desires and stress that was taking me hell were covered up atleast three quaters. Every day is my holiday now not like those days when my family could get a standard meal only over the holidays. I can not shy to call my self someone big because of that secrete which stands in for me, I can also clear bills and due debts . My wife, children and parents are not the same as in the past days. Am giving back to people that supported my education which really brings joy to my hieart.

  The secret is non other than being Online Business innovations which have really delivered most people to adapt standard living styles. Online businesses are the most convinient jobs world wide which do not give headache in any way once you have mastered the logic in them. No much capital and skills required can be a job on training when you are earning. There is time for attending to your family which is also a crucial thing in life because you will be a ceo of your self. This profession/talent can be trained to your childrens rather than Diplomas, Degrees, Masters which are good but a challege for your chidren to achieve in your absence. 

I regreted earlier like Musk the word’s richest man ceo Tesla and spaceX who refused to take his friend’s advice on Bitcoin investment which would have made him billions of money by that time and now, That stranger man who enlightened me on online documentations would have come at my early 20s before wasting my money in offices where there was no any of my relatives. It was un profitable hustle involving dubious acts of bribery, corruption and promises day after another one untill months end and left bankrupt and gave up on job seeking but I think that is what God wanted like most of us would take it in that way.

Strive for jobs creation not for Jobs seeking to aviod all that my dear ones.

It is this which will be bad if I forget to inform you about. The way how to get and manage traffic which I mean the number of clients visiting and giving support to what you are doing at your site. Your network in the secret and everyday life, it absolutely ranks number one source of wealth. You can be with nothing but trust me that you can reach wherever you want once you learn how to manage and use traffic as a prior tool in your career.

 Thank you Mr. Dalas Valentine the stranger friend that lead me up to Online business tips.

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