Bitcoin surpasses its all time high $61.6k.

Bitcoin surpasses its all time high $60,000 keeping its investors joy at heart.

Bitcoin the largest traded digital currency has made over 10K% in the passed 12 months at luno and its value surpassed $1trillion last week for the second time in a year.

According to coinbase on sartuday 11:45 PM, the coin that is reffered to as digital gold (bitcoin) traded over $61.6k and has made over 1000% for the last 12months which makes a Return Of Investment (ROI) of x10 and has surpassed $1 trillion last week for the second time in this year.

Decrypt says, the bitcoin’s surge might be due to the anouncement that the US pesident Joe Biden had signed off a $1.9trillion COVID-19 stimulus package following its approval by the House of Representatives.

Bitcoin your digital asset to invest in 2021

The digital gold’s trend is boosted by various companies and financial institutions adopting the currency for transactions. Some of the institutions are Bank of New York BNY Mellon and paypal that last time anounced its interest in Cryptocurrencies and bought almost all the newly mined bitcoins and again just of recent when the ceo telsa and spaceX Elon Musk picked interest in bitcoin and had to invest $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins. Following this, mining companies and pools like hashshiny, stormgain that came up and the individual investors have played a big role contributing to Cryptocurrencies’ steadiness and increase in value.

It is not bitcoin only on the rally but also Ethereum and Litecoin at luno and many other coins at coinbase like chainlink, Filecoin among others as shown bellow which can make you good money.

The percentage gain in a day

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