Top Tips That Will Lead To Your Victory In Forex Trading.

Are you a forex beginner?

Alright, this article will help you explore more of the forex trading skills to increase your winning chances.

We shall begin with a brief history of forex trading invention, its merites and demerites, recommended platforms from where you can practise your trading and why forex is traded.

What is forex trading?

Making transactions mostly involve fiat currencies in the exchange markets. This means buying a chosen currency pair, let us say buying GBP/USD hoping that GBP can appreciate relative to USD

Can also be defined as the exchange of currencies.
In other words, a trader can sell only if he/she believes that GBP can depreciate against the USD based on his experience. In addition to making basic purchase and sale transactions, there are many ways of taking positions on currency pairs, say spot contracts, forwards, derivatives and contracts for difference.

Forex market existed earlier in 1970s when the US dollar was allowed to float freely in financial market and this involved only big institutions, governments, global fx banks, international companies however internet revolution in 1994 lead the commence of online forex which enabled retail traders to take part in the industry for profits as main target.

Why trade forex?

If you are not for it, then don’t waste time because there other things better for you than forex trading and if you are for it, put all efforts and do it for reasons

  • Speculations and hedging

Forex market is the largest capital market in the world involving over $6.6 trillions worth of transactions made per dbeing

.    Accessibility

Trading forex being popular makes it easy to access from various platforms across the world at any time by any one who wishes so longer as he has got internet.

  • Taking advantage of the forex leverage

This is the ratio of the trader’s funds to the brokers’ credit size, Or can also be termed as borrowed capital to increase returns and therefore traders are eager to make more profits out of their investments by trading currencies rather than other

    .  Liquidity

For much work involved, the forex markets worldwide provide substantial Liquidity to traders, while certain assets may seem to be more difficult to buy and sell, investors interested in trading currencies are more likely to find substantial opportunities.

Best forex trading brokers recommended.

There are many forex trading brokerage platforms across the world and choosing what you want depends on your strategic plans and location. This is a crucial factor to attentively look at when choosing a broker  which suits your analysis. A list of some of the highly ranked brokers.


This is one of the best online forex trading podiums highly rated with millions and millions of customers founded in 2011 by Nicholas Defteras. It charges less and is well equipped with all the expert tools a trader wants for his orders executing Demo account is available and provides trading signals to its clients, gives an opportunity to those with no experience and time to make trades by providing strategy managers’ space where you can invest and they trade for you when doing your other work. Grab your self $50 for free signup to their platform.


This brokerage is best known for providing copy trades to its millions of clients. Etoro was started in september 2006 by its ceo Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia and David Ring who fully registered it from London, Limassol and Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel and with over 500 people it employs.


This is also a highly rated forex trading site headquartered in London, founded by June Felix and chaired by Mike Tighe. It gives access to forex, indices, shares and more cfds.


This is a trading platform that gives an opportunity to investors to trade in various cfds like shares, currencies, stocks, commodities and many others, you will get more if you visit the site. It was founded in 2016 and managed by over 60 personnel.


This is another trusted international broker operating in more than 200 countries with over 15 millions of clients. Its ceo Merck and is headquartered in Belize, fully registered by International Financial Services Commission IFSC in South Africa.
Check this story at its bottom are the ways how you can choose the right broker.

Now that you have got a trustworthy broker and you want to get started, how to begin?

Don’t dive into the market anyhowly to avoid unexpected losses.
Consider the following instead to leverage your investments into huge ROI.

Make a plan

Like any other business to be kick started, your professionalism, initial capital, expectancy, time, discipline,record, terms and conditions have to be contemplated for better performance of your business.


An adequate capital is required to be of your positions It will depend on your deposited capital and the minimum trading value that a broker allows, most of the brokers accept a minimum deposit of $10 and enter into trade with at least $1 as the minimum investments.  Trade 1% of capital to avoid drastic effects in your life. You can choose to be a scalper to make several trades a day if you have time and experience, you can be a swing trader to make less trades, position or technical trader and it is your responsibility to at least master one type of the trading strategy.


Mind reaching people who have got more trading skills say fundamental, technical, and sightment analysis strategies. This can be done through video conferences from various media like zoom or having physical interaction on a topic of your interest .


Punctuality and concentration to what you are doing while trading can have an impact on your results. Most of currency pair markets are open Monday – Friday for 12hours, know time when is your currency availabe in the market.


Still to your established business, they are records that will remind you of past mistakes. This may encourage discover new ways in preparation for the next trades to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Demo Account

This a fake account but with all the technical and fundamental features like a real account. It is deposted with virtual money by the broker to help you experiment your techniques determing potential risks of trading in a risk free environment. For any brand new trader is advised to practise for atleast four months in consistent profits before heading to live financial market. This acount is not only for beginers, experts also use them to discover new strategies and techniques that makes sense to first test their performance.

In addition to the above, a trader should be with confidence, discipline, concentration, patience, credence, self resilience and capability of making right quick decisions on necessary actions to be taken while in the market.

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